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Web Development vs SEO: How Do They Complement Each Other?

web development vs seo

It is one of the trendiest subjects around the world these days. Both web development and SEO have their own significance, but how they perform together becomes a source of attraction for millions of people who plan to jump into any of these domains.

Do you own a website? Concerned about how SEO can add extra value to its credibility? Looking for a credible source to gather valuable data? This is a perfect read you must go through. Let’s get into the detailed discussion.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): What Precisely Is It?

The basic purpose of SEO is to push and help your website rank on Google’s first page and set your business apart. In other words, you can say that search engine optimization assists your site in ranking high on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The higher you rank on Google, the more people from your target audience will become familiar with what your business is about.

In simple words, SEO helps you spread your brand voice efficiently and effectively. Let’s understand it with an example. For instance, if you and one of your friends are running two different clothing brands. You hire an SEO analyst to take care of your website and help it stand out among your potential competitors to attract more buyers. At the same time, your friend is more attracted to dealing with customers in person.

In that case, you will be able to connect with more buyers compared to your friend because you are targeting the digital community that holds a huge community of potential customers. It indicates that SEO is all about setting your brand apart from the traditional ones operating in the market and appealing to your buyers effectively.

SEO is divided into multiple types, and each has its own importance. Let’s have a closer look at how each type plays a part in ranking your website high on Google.

1. On-Page SEO

Well, on-page SEO is directly linked to the content you produce and upload to your website. Don’t forget to ensure that your content is highly compatible with both Google crawlers and readers. Many people struggle with this phase, which is why they can’t rank their sites properly. An effective way to deal with this challenge is to carefully review the Google instructions released in this regard.

2. Off-Page SEO

It refers to all the actions performed outside of your website to improve its visibility among the target audience. Off-page SEO covers guest posts, promotions, backlinking, and a range of other similar parameters.

3. Technical SEO

This type of search engine optimization plays with the server’s configuration and your website’s program to make it perform better for Google or other search engines’ crawlers you want to rank on. Technical SEO covers a range of tasks, like XML sitemaps, page elements, redirects, and HTTP header responses.

Now, you are well familiar with what SEO is and how it makes your website stand out in the target market. Let’s take a step forward to understand the web development process.

What Should You Know About Web Development?

Web development is a broader term that covers a series of tasks, including web design, web building, and launching the fully functional end product. Regular maintenance of a website once it gets launched also falls under the category of web development.

The job responsibilities of website developers cover all the tasks, including but not limited to web designing, coding, publishing, and optimizing for better performance. If you want to hire a web development team for your brand, don’t forget to consider its skillset and past experience to get fruitful outcomes.

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What is the Importance?

Comparing web development vs SEO doesn’t mean determining which one of them is more important; rather, it shows how they support each other. In fact, both web development and SEO should be your number one priority as a website developer.

Why is SEO Important?

Doesn’t matter how appealing your website is; potential buyers won’t be able to see your products or services until you do its proper search engine optimization. In that case, the only chance to bring people aware of your business is to share the URL of your site and convince them to explore. But, it will not help you generate decent sales.In contrast, if you hire a skilled SEO analyst to implement effective search engine optimization techniques, more and more customers will start noticing your website through different search engines. It is the most efficient way to take your business to the next level. Reputable organizations always focus on utilizing the best SEO practices.

Why is Web Development Important?

As soon as SEO does its job and convinces customers to click and land on your website, the real role of web development is to provide them with the best possible user experience. If your site cannot grab buyers’ attention and does not present your products or services the way it should, SEO strategies will not be so helpful.

If your website loads slowly and does not carry attention-grabbing graphics and content, people are likely not to take any action. They will simply leave your site without staying much on it to purchase something. Therefore, exploring web development vs SEO shows that you must give equal priority to both of them.

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How Do They Support Each Other?

Considering search engine optimization is a vital part of web development. Many phases of this process directly impact your site’s SEO. So, never forget to incorporate the latest SEO tactics while designing, developing, and launching your website.

If you are looking for web developers to build your business site, make sure they are well familiar with the effective SEO strategies and implement them right from the beginning. Doing this will improve your website’s performance from day one.

Similarly, developing your site using the best SEO approaches has always been a good approach, rather than fixing these issues once the site gets developed. More importantly, considering incorporating SEO practices from the beginning has proved to be a budget-friendly solution.

So, comparing web development vs SEO to determine which one is better has nothing to do with your site’s performance. But considering them together right from the beginning of the web development process is what determines the performance of your website effectively.

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How Can Web Development Improve Search Engine Optimization?

You are now familiar with the fact that SEO vs web developer is not a healthy comparison because both are equally important, and you can’t take any of them for granted. You also know how important it is to utilize both SEO and website development together to achieve the best-performing outcomes. Though there is a long list, a few factors that help web development improve SEO are:

1. Loading Speed

According to Google, your website should take under half a second to load. But if it is taking more than 3 seconds, most visitors are likely to leave your site even before it gets loaded. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the load time of your site to improve the overall user experience.

2. Security

Analyzing seo vs web developer responsibilities, you will get to know that security should definitely be the primary concern of every website developer and SEO expert. As you know, cyberattacks are pretty common these days. Therefore, if your website is not secure, visitors won’t trust your business. As a result, the SERP ranking of your site will get badly affected.

3. Responsiveness

In case you don’t know what responsiveness is, it refers to the automatic screen adjustment keeping in view the size of your device’s screen. It helps visitors conveniently explore your services or products. This is why you must focus on developing a mobile-friendly website. According to a research study, over 63% of the global community searches online using their mobile devices.

4. Readability

It is one of the key factors to keeping your visitors engaged and adding value to their lives one way or the other. Nowadays, most people are busy with their hectic routines, so you can’t expect them to read your content from top to bottom. Therefore, keeping this fact in mind, try producing content in smaller chunks and put appropriate headers and use bullet points as and when needed. Doing this will help readers efficiently skim through what they want without consuming much of their time.

5. Duplicate Content

Well, having content duplication could be the biggest trouble in ranking your site high on SERP. Google crawlers spend a little time on your website, and if they find duplicate content, it becomes difficult for them to determine which one you actually want to rank. Confusing Google crawlers is risky in terms of affecting your website ranking. It is not about separating SEO vs web developer responsibilities; rather, they both should keep a close eye on the site’s content.

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Should I Learn SEO as a Business Owner or Developer?

Doesn’t matter if you are a website developer or a business owner; learning at least the basics of search engine optimization must be your priority. The same goes for the project managers and marketing team. If you are a web developer and are working on a small project, it is better to implement SEO approaches on your own. It will help you save the budget for future SEO advancements.

Though there are countless SEO agencies and experts in the market these days, it does not mean you give them all the responsibility without keeping an eye on what they are doing. One thing you must do is incorporate SEO practices from the initial stages of website development, as stated earlier. It will make the overall process more budget-friendly than doing SEO once you release the website.

SEO vs Web Developer Salary

There is no need to compare SEO vs web developer salary because both have pretty different goals to accomplish. Though web developers can implement basic SEO strategies, they focus more on the development process. In contrast, a search engine optimization expert deals with enhancing the ranking of your website. Different goals lead to different earning potentials for these professionals. Let’s have a look at how much they can make in the United States.

How Much Can SEO Experts Make?

According to indeed.com, an SEO expert can earn $53,998 per year. It equals $3,823 per month, $988 per week, or $25.41 per hour. The yearly income of these professionals varies between $34,994 and $83,323, as shown below.

How Much Can SEO Experts Make

Glassdoor says that the average annual salary of website developers in the United States is $63,264 as of September 2022. It covers the base pay of $59,135 and an additional pay of $4,129 per year. Most SEO experts earn between $50,000 and $80,000, whereas the whole annual pay scale ranges from $41,000 to $98,000.

seo specialist salary in US
The Earning Potential of Web Developers
Website developers can make $78,300 a year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This survey states that approximately 21,800 job opportunities are expected to open for web developers between 2021 and 2031.
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As per the research analysis of indeed.com, the average web developer salary in the US is $78,307 per year, which equals $31.76 per hour, $1,433 per week, or $5,544 per month. The overall annual salary structure varies between $48,067 and $127,574, as shown below.
web developer salary in US

Now, you are familiar with the SEO vs web developer salary structures. Let’s conclude today’s discussion.

Final Words

Getting confused about which one to choose as your professional career? Well, they both are pretty different career paths with different responsibilities and sets of goals to achieve. Looking to explore SEO vs web developer salary? If yes, you can’t miss reading through the above discussion.

If you need a team of credible website developers, look no further than KodersPoint. They have taken diverse and creative minds on board to provide you with robust and reliable digital solutions for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the steps to becoming an SEO analyst?

A: Start with an SEO course to understand how it works. Once you get familiar with the basics, make a website and implement search engine optimization on it to know how everything goes. At the same time, join a digital agency and work under the supervision of SEO experts to get hands-on ex[erience with your technical abilities. Later, take some SEO clients and work for them individually to know how confident you are. Now, do some relevant certifications to stand out in the market.

Q: Is it necessary to hire a web developer having SEO understanding?

A: Yes, it is always better to take a website developer on board who understands search engine optimization tactics well. As soon as you find one, you will get a reliable, effective, and efficient solution for your business because such developers take care of both web development and SEO.

Q: Which career path should I adopt?

A: Though both domains are linked to each other, they are different at the same time. Employment opportunities vary from one field to another, and professionals working in these domains may have different interests and priorities. Similarly, the salary structure for both fields is also different. So, it all depends on you which way you want to go to achieve your goals. Both SEO and web development are in high demand these days and offer handsome salaries.

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