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Junior Web Developer Salary in USA, 2024

junior web developer salary

The demand for tech professionals is on the rise as the world is moving toward a digital economy. Hundreds of tech career paths are available these days, and every path has its significance. Web development is one of them. This field attracts thousands of college graduates because it offers promising careers, handsome salaries, good job growth, and amazing perks. This is why millions of people worldwide prefer registering for similar degree programs.

Are you a tech enthusiast? Looking to start your professional career as a web developer? Not sure about the earning potential this domain has? No worries! This article closely focuses on the developer salary in the United States. You will know how much web developers earn in different parts of the country. Let’s get the discussion started.

Junior Web Developer Salary with No Experience

Many web developers wonder whether or not they can find a job with no professional experience, but the good news is that many employers love to give chances to new talent. Therefore, as a junior web developer with no experience, you can apply for hundreds of opportunities across the country.

One of the questions graduates frequently ask is: how much do junior web developers make who have no practical exposure to the IT industry? Do you have the same question in mind? Here is the answer to it.

As far as the United States market is concerned, a junior web developer with no experience can earn an average of $68,748 a year. It becomes equivalent to $5,729 a month or $33 per hour. As of writing this article, these stats are taken from ZipRecruiter. The salary range varies between $23,000 and $128,000.

Junior Web Developer Salary
Developer Salary
Salaries of Junior Web Developers

Salaries of Junior Web Developers with a Little Experience

Though academic qualifications and certifications are important in deciding the salaries of web developers, experience is equally important to consider. More professional experience leads to a significant increase in salaries.

According to indeed.com, developers with less than a year of experience working in the US market can earn $68,892 annually (on average). Similarly, if you have one to two years of professional experience in web development, your average annual income will be up to $67,589.

What Factors Affect The Web Developers’ Salaries?

Just like other professions, the salaries in the web development industries are highly dependent on various factors, as listed below.

1. Academic Qualification

Well, schools, colleges, and universities give basic knowledge to students on how to code a program. You don’t necessarily need to earn a bachelor’s degree in web development; instead, you can start your career with an associate degree. But individuals with an undergraduate degree earn more than those with an associate degree or certificates.

2. Skills

Having a degree is not enough to excel in the web development industry. You must have great development skills, and they come with practice. The more practice you do, the more expert you will become in this field. You can consult senior developers and mentors to help you learn the most effective skills as a junior web developer. Doing this will surely give a solid boost to your professional career.

3. Experience

Do you have both; a degree and a great skill set? Perfect! The next step is to gain some practical experience. The reason behind this fact is that top-rated employers always look for individuals with a bit of exposure to the professional industry. For this, you can apply for different internships or training sessions. Mentorship programs have also proved to be great tools for gathering practical web development knowledge.

4. Certifications

The developer salary can increase greatly if the individual has earned some credible certifications. Nowadays, many organizations and universities are offering certificates for professionals to enhance their development abilities. These certifications are a superb source to polish your skills.

Top 5 States Offering Highest Paid Jobs for Junior Web Developers

According to ZIPPIA, the top five states paying the highest junior web developer salary are listed below.

1. California

Currently, 6,560 junior web developers are working in the state of California with an average annual salary of $90,273. It becomes equal to $43.40 per hour.

2. Washington

It is the second highest paying state for junior website developers. 1,889 developers are currently working over there at an average hourly income of $41.07. It is equal to $85,420 a year.

3. Oregon

The average annual pay of junior website developers in Oregon is $79,683. It means they earn $38.31 an hour. Around 957 web developers are serving different organizations throughout the state.

4. New Hampshire

This state offers as much as $76,988 as an average annual pay to junior web developers. More than 300 professionals are working in this role over there at an average salary of $37.01 per hour.

5. New Jersey

This is the fifth state offering the highest salaries to junior and entry-level website developers. Currently, more than 2,000 junior website developers are working in New Jersey at an average annual income of $76,303 or $36.38 per hour.

Top 5 Cities Offering Highest Paid Jobs for Junior Web Developers

Below is a list of the top five cities in the United States where junior website developers can get the highest-paid jobs.

1. Atlanta

The developers in different setups in this state with less than one year of professional experience earn an average of $83,686 per year.

2. New York

The average web developer salary for professionals with less than one year of experience is $82,977.

3. Seattle

According to Glassdoor, as of December 2021, the average developer salary Seattle is $82,992 per year. Combining the base pay with the additional pay, the salary can go up to $106,259.

4. Los Angeles

A junior website developer working in different companies in Los Angeles makes an average annual income of $82,742.

5. Jacksonville

The average annual income of junior website developers with less than one year of experience in Jacksonville is $76,888.

The Companies Offering Handsome Salaries for Junior Web Developers in the US

According to Zippia, the top five US companies offering lucrative salaries and other benefits for junior website developers are listed below

1. Square Enix

The junior developers who work for this employer make an average annual income of $101,973, which equals $49.03 per hour.

2. Plan International USA

This company offers $98,329 per year as the average developer salary. The hourly rate over there is $47.27.

3. Mouser Electronics

The average annual pay for junior developers working at Mouser Electronics is $89,684. As far as the average hourly rate is concerned, it equals $43.12.

4. University of California

Seeing the name of a university in the list of the highest-paying web development companies might be surprising to you. Isn’t it?

Well, the University of California offers junior website developers an average annual salary of $87,661, which becomes $42.14 per hour.

5. General Dynamics Mission Systems

This is another leading company in the United States that offers a handsome salary. The average annual income of junior website developers working at this company is $87,661, which means they earn $39.69 per hour.

What Opportunities Do I Have to Find Jobs as a Junior Web Developer?

Have you just completed your degree or certificate in web development? Want to get practical experience in a good organization? Don’t know where to find suitable jobs? Don’t worry! Read more to familiarize yourself with platforms that offer good opportunities to establish a promising career.

Well, suppose you have never worked in a company under the supervision of a senior developer or mentor. In that case, finding some internship opportunities and working with other developers is better. Doing this will polish your technical skills, and you will surely explore this domain more than your expectations. Furthermore, these internships can lead to permanent jobs. Many organizations prefer to hire interns.

If you have worked for a couple of years in the IT industry and got hands-on experience with a particular skill, you can now start your professional career along with your job. As soon as you think you have started earning a fair amount of income, you can quit the job and enhance your freelance career by giving it full-time.

Now, the question coming to your mind would be: where to find freelance jobs or independent projects? Well, this is not a big deal at all. A few of the top-grade social and freelancing sites are listed below.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • People Per Hour
  • Guru

All you need is to create your official account and complete your profile. Once done, you will see thousands of projects and jobs on these platforms. Start bidding on the ones you are sure that you can complete. Don’t forget to write personalized content highlighting the main problem and its solution while bidding. It helps clients understand how well you have understood their requirements.

How Much Can I Make as a Junior Freelance Web Developer?

Well, there is no specific answer to this particular question. It all depends on how much effort you put in. Some freelance web developers earn between $2,000 and $5,000 a month, whereas others make up to $10,000 a month. Industrial projects pay you more compared to small tasks. The salary may vary depending on the company standards and payscale if a firm offers you a freelance job.

How to Be a Successful Freelance Developer?

Do you want to make yourself stand out in the market? If yes, you must keep a few things in mind, as listed below.

  • Forget about the money in the beginning and focus on improving your skills.
  • Just focus on satisfying your customers as much as you can.
  • Offer some services for free (as a wow factor) just to gain practical experience.
  • Work on multiple platforms at a time to build different income streams.
  • Under promise and over deliver (For example, ask the client to deliver a project in 2 days, but try to deliver it within 24 hours to surprise your client).
  • Once you gain enough experience working in a specific skill, you can charge higher without offering anything for free.

Other Job Titles for Junior Web Developer

You will not always find the jobs with the title “Junior Web Developer”. The companies may change it a bit. A few related titles are listed below.

  • Junior PHP Developer
  • Entry-Level Web Developer
  • Jr. Front-End Developer
  • Jr. Back-End Developer
  • Junior WordPress Developer
  • Junior Web Designer and Developer

Important Note: When applying for jobs, focus more on the required skills and experience rather than only considering their titles.

Skills You Must Have to Make Your Web Developing Career Successful

Technical skills are not the only requirement to become a credible and top-rated website developer. You must also have some soft skills to make an impactful career. The top skills a website developer should have are:

  • Excellent communication
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving
  • Team player
  • Creativity

As soon as you develop these skills, your web development career will surely reach new heights. These skills commonly come in handy when closing a big deal.

What Does the Future of Junior Web Developers Hold?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the expected job growth for website developers between 2020 and 2030 will be 13%. Throughout the decade, on average, 17,900 jobs are expected to open for web developers every year. It is good news for those planning to step into this field in the near future. Are you still searching for how much do junior web developers make? Well, they make good money, as stated earlier in this article. Just keep polishing your technical and soft skills, and you will surely have a bright future ahead.

Final Words

Do you want to start your career as a web developer? Concerned about the average salary? Don’t know how much potential this domain has? Don’t be concerned. This article has presented everything you are precisely looking for. All you need is to read through the above discussion carefully, and you will get answers to all the questions you have in mind.

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Stay tuned for more updates! KodersHive is on a mission to share similar helpful material for web developers worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to know whether or not I’m being offered a fair salary as a junior web developer?

A: You can simply check whether or not your pay is close to the average salaries being offered in the state you do the job in. If both are close to each other, congratulations, you are being paid a fair salary.

Q: Which state offers the highest junior web developer salary?

A: The state of California has got the honor of paying the highest salaries to junior website developers, with an average annual pay of $90,273.

Q: What should be my goals to establish a promising career as a junior developer?

A: Try earning a professional degree, get initial experience through different internships, and apply for full-time roles. Later on, get some certifications to boost your practical skills and set yourself apart from traditional developers.

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