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Web Developer Salary California per Hours in 2024

web developer salary California

Are you a tech enthusiast? Do programming languages grab your attention? Looking to make a career in a similar domain? If yes, web development could be your right destination. It opens countless doors to test and polish your programming skills.

Every profession becomes credible depending on certain factors, e.g., pay scale, employment opportunities, career growth, and other benefits. Web development is not an exception. So, don’t forget to look at all these parameters before you choose web development as your professional career.

Are you a resident of California? Enrolled in a website development program? Or started doing a relevant certificate? Looking for a web developer salary in California? This is a perfect read for you as it presents everything you are on the lookout for. Let’s get into the detailed discussion.

How Much Does an Entry-Level Web Developer Make In California?

According to indeed.com, as of June 2023, the average base entry-level web developer salary California is $57,437 per year. It is the same as the national average. It becomes equal to $17.48 per hour. The annual salary range varies between $50,693 and $65,079 depending on experience and expertise.

5 Factors that Affect a Web Developer’s Salary Structure

Just like any other region or part of the world, the salary California depends on several parameters, as listed below.

1. Education

To become a web developer, you don’t necessarily need a professional degree. You can simply do a short certificate or diploma to start your career. But, reputable companies always prefer developers with at least a bachelor’s degree in web development. They can, in fact, earn more than those without academic qualifications. It clearly indicates that education matters the most and directly affects your salary structure.

2. Skill-Level

How skilled you are in your specific field is the key to success. You can enhance your skill level by practicing more and more and spending time with experienced and dedicated professionals to learn how they deal with different web development projects. A skilled web developer earns more than any other developer working in the same organization.

3. Experience

Getting hands-on experience makes you eligible to apply to top-rated companies and organizations that offer handsome salaries and other employment benefits. Spending more time in the web development industry leads to a significant increase in your salary.

4. Location

The salary structure varies from one city to another. The same is the case for states and countries worldwide. For instance, if you are working as a web developer in Florida, your salary will be different compared to your friend working in the same role in California.

5. Certifications

The certificates do nothing but polish your practical skills. You get a golden opportunity to boost your technical abilities and convince top-grade employers to give you a chance. Certified web developers always have greater salaries than the ones with no certifications in hand. If you have an academic degree and decent experience as a website developer, getting relevant certificates will surely give your professional career a solid boost.

6. Companies

The web developer’s salary in California varies from one organization to the next. Well-established firms offer unbeatable salary packages, whereas medium-sized businesses and start-ups offer slightly lower or close to the national average salary. While applying for different jobs, don’t forget to review the salary structure of a specific company.

Entry Level Front End Web Developer Salary in Different Cities in California

According to Zip Recruiter, the average annual salary of web developers in different cities of California, is listed below.


The website developers working in Fermont earn, on average, $68,475 per year as of August 2023. It equals $33 per hour, $1,316 per week, or $5,706 per month. Overall, the salary for entry-level front-end web developers in this city varies between $30,100 and $136,300. It shows that there is great room for improvement for developers to establish promising careers.


The average annual salary of website developers working for Hanford-based companies or organizations is $58,070, which is equal to $28 per hour, 1,116 per week, or $4,839 per month. The entry-level developers can make as low as $25,982 and as high as $117,656 per year.

Mountain View

As of August 2023, the average annual pay for entry-level website developers serving companies based in Mountain View is $71,056. It becomes $5,921 per month, $1,366 per week, and $34.16 per hour. The overall salary ranges between $30,733 and $139,770 per year.


The entry-level web developers earn an average of $59,281 a year in Fairfield, California. Their hourly, weekly, and monthly incomes equal $29, $1,140, and $4,940, respectively. The lowest salary this city offers is $27,592, whereas the highest salary is equal to $124,947.


The average hourly salary of entry-level website developers in Oxnard is $27. It becomes equal to $1,076 per week, $4,664 per month, and $55,976 per year. The whole salary structure varies between $26,885 and $121,743.


This city offers entry-level web development jobs with an average annual salary of $ 61,276, which equals $29.46 per hour, $1,178 per week, and $5,106 per month. The lowest and highest salaries being offered to developers in this city are $29,721 and $134,587. The web development market over there is pretty active, and you can avail hundreds of opportunities as a junior front-end web developer.

Los Angeles

As of August 2023, entry-level front-end web developers in Los Angeles can earn an average of $68,801 per year. If you are looking for an average hourly, weekly, or monthly wage, it is equal to $33.08, $1,323, and $5,733, respectively. The salary scale of this city varies between $27,881 and $126,251.

Elk Grove

Are you finding an entry-level web developer opportunity in Elk Grove? Looking for how much you can earn a year? Well, the average pay for entry-level web developers is $55,757 a year, which is equal to approximately $27 per hour, $1,072 per week, and $4,646 per month. The lowest and highest annual salaries for the same position are $27,212 and $123,227, respectively.

Entry Level Back End Web Developer Salary in California

According to Zip Recruiter, the yearly income of entry-level back-end web developers in California varies between $22,840 and $159,379. As of August 2023, the average annual salary for website developers in the state of California was $82,120. It shows that back-end developers usually earn more than front-end web developers. The average hourly, weekly, and monthly income of entry-level back-end website developers in this state is $39.48, $1,579, and $6,843, respectively.

Full Stack Web Developer Salary California

According to indeed.com, the average full-stack web developer salary in California is more than the national average in the US. It is equal to $107,347 per year as of September 2023. Converting this income into hourly, weekly, and monthly equals $45.98, $1,964, and $7,600, respectively. The salary scale goes up and down between $66,461 and $173,386.

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Top 5 Cities Offering the Highest Salaries for Front End & Back End Web Developers in California

The below table lists the average annual salaries (according to Zip Recruiter) for front-end and back-end developers working in different companies in the state of California. Let’s have a look.

web developer salary California

Employment of Web Developers in California: What Does BLS Say?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), California is listed at the top when it comes to the number of employment opportunities across the United States. As of May 2021, the average mean salary of 12,620 web developers is $94,060 per year, which equals a mean hourly wage of $45.22. New York and Texas and the second and third highest web development job providers across the country, with an average mean annual salary of $77,680 and $77,880, respectively.

3 Easy Steps to Become a Credible Web Developer

If you want to see yourself as a great web developer in the near future, don’t forget to follow the below steps.

1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Earning a bachelor’s degree in web development should be your topmost priority because reputed organizations always look for graduates from the same discipline. So, this degree will be your helping hand in taking you to the doors of world-class web development companies.

2. Get Hands-On Experience

Got an undergraduate degree? Great! The next step is to search for web development opportunities to get hands-on experience by working under the supervision of experienced website developers and mentors. A resume with good experience can help you get selected for amazing jobs.

3. Earn Certifications

The certificates specifically focus on improving the skills you need to enhance your professional career. Certified web developers are always considered more trustworthy compared to the ones with no certificates.


Are you getting attracted to the field of web development? Want to start your career in the same discipline? On the hunt for a developer salary California? Don’t miss reading through the above discussion, as it has presented the job market with detailed specifics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the average salary for web developer in California?

A: The average salary for web developer in California is $57,437 per year or $17.48 per hour.

Q: I’m an entry-level web developer working in California. How can I excel in this field?

A: If you are employed, get hands-on experience with your favorite skill, do some certifications to enhance your abilities, and apply to reputable organizations. It will help you grab amazing job opportunities and establish a great career in the future.

Q: Which location pays the highest entry-level front-end web developer salary in California?

A: According to Zip Recruiter’s survey Santa Clara is the city in California that pays the highest salary for entry-level front-end web developers, which equals $34.66 per hour and $72,090 per year.

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