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javascript and jquery interactive front end web development (2024)

javascript and jquery interactive front-end web development

JavaScript and jQuery are popular discussions when talking about interactive front-end web development. Millions of newbies explore this domain every year to understand how they help website developers build effective digital solutions for a variety of businesses.

Are you on the hunt for what precisely is interactive front-end web development If yes, don’t miss reading through this guide as it presents an in-depth discussion and their role in interactive front-end website development.

Let’s get the discussion started.

Interactive Front End Web Development: What You Need to Know?

Well, web development consists of two different phases, e.g., front-end and back-end website development. As far as back-end web development is concerned, it controls the functionalities incorporated in the back end of a website, and visitors have nothing to do with it. In contrast, the front end of a website is specifically designed for the users and visitors to explore a website and communicate accordingly.

Front-end website development is directly linked to the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of your site. It is a design that shows how visitors can interact with your website, in addition. A front-end web developer can help you make this design appealing. The more attractive the user interface you design, the more customers will get attracted to your website. This is how you can generate decent sales and make profits.

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Top Tools

Though there is a long list of tools that web developers usually use for front-end website development, a few of them are listed below.

  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • React
  • CSS
  • HTML

JavaScript and jQuery: What Precisely They Are?

JavaScript is a language for writing front-end code for websites, whereas jQuery is a library that assists web developers in using JavaScript effectively. In simple words, you can say that jQuery is a single-line code that helps developers do complex JavaScript tasks easily.

It clearly indicates that jQuery reduces developers’ headaches in writing long codes to get the most out of JavaScript. In addition, this library consumes less time to process. Remember, you always have to convert jQuery to JavaScript for interpretation purposes, whereas JavaScript doesn’t need it.

Let’s explore why most web developers prefer for interactive front end web development.

Why Is JavaScript Used for Most Web Development Projects?

An American computer engineer – Brendan Eich – introduced JavaScript for the very first time in 1995. Nowadays, it has gained exponentially rising popularity. Moreover, it is considered one of the most credible programming languages to add interactive features to a wide range of business websites.

According to W3Techs, approximately 98% of the total websites use JavaScript for interactive front-end website development. You can get an idea of how effective and helpful it will be for web developers.

Another reason behind using JavaScrip is that all internet browsers and other platforms are highly compatible with this programming language. This is why users can interact efficiently with the websites developed using JavaScript. This is the reason why most web developers utilize for interactive front end web development.

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A List of Pros and Cons of JavaScript

Below is a list of some advantages and disadvantages JavaScript has.


Below is a list of the benefits of JavaScript.

  • It is a lightweight language
  • Higher interactivity
  • Fast user experience
  • Less server interaction
  • Easy to learn for developers
  • Rich interfaces
  • Visitors get instant feedback


Along with a number of benefits, a few disadvantages associated with this language are:

  • It may run malicious code in some scenarios
  • The code fragments are way too large
  • Vulnerable to exploitation

Pros and Cons of Using jQuery in Interactive Front End Web Development

Just like JavaScript, jQuery also carries a series of advantages coupled with a few cons, as listed below.


The top advantages of using this library are:

  • Provides excellent HTML code support
  • Makes animation and effects super easy
  • Error-fixing happens faster
  • Makes DOM operation-processing quick
  • Produces code for a broader range of internet browsers


With a wide range of benefits, jQuery also has some cons, as listed below.

  • Some jQuery features are not yet created. You will have to develop them, keeping in mind your website needs.
  • A lot of jQuery functions are created; hence, it becomes difficult for you to handle, and the overall process slows down. This is the reason why front-end web developers use extra cache to introduce additional functionalities.

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Interactive Front End Web Development: The Best Book to Learn From

Do you want to learn for interactive front end web development? Looking for a top-grade source to learn how to use this programming language when developing websites for different businesses worldwide? Look no further than the most popular book – JavaScript and jQuery: Interactive Front End Web Development – by Jon Duckett.

Are you a newbie who wants to learn JavaScript? Or looking to get a clear understanding of how this language works? Don’t miss reading through this book, as it covers everything you need in this regard.

The best thing about this book is that it doesn’t not only teach you how to write and read JavaScript codes but also develops a better understanding of computer programming. If you have a little bit of an understanding of CSS and HTML, you will enjoy learning new concepts from this book.

Jon Duckett wrote this book for people who don’t have computer science degrees but are interested in developing engaging, high-converting, and interactive websites for their potential clients. Doesn’t matter if you want to create a script from scratch or looking forward to customizing the downloaded script according to your needs; this book will be your best friend in both scenarios. Another book from the same series is “HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites”.

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Final Words

If yes, this guide has provided a detailed discussion above that will help you understand the real potential of JavaScript for interactive front-end website development. You will also get to know about a credible book to learn the effective use in the above discussion. Make sure you read the whole discussion carefully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes jQuery stand out?

A: The top features, like animation, event handling, HTML DOM manipulation, and unique widgets, set this library apart.

Q: Are JScript and JavaScript the same language?

A: Yes, they both are the same programming languages with different names. Netscape introduced JavaScript in 1995, and Microsoft released JScript in 1996. Microsoft launched it with a different name to avoid trademark issues.

Q: Is it possible to use JavaScript and jQuery on the same page?

A: Yes, it is quite possible, and many front-end web developers do the same. When using jQuery, you will have to add the “.JS library” to the page, whereas JavaScript requires another library.

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