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Custom WordPress Development and Design: The Deep Dive

Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress development has been a source of attraction for millions of brands worldwide for many years. But, the question that arises here is: is it worth designing and developing a WordPress site in 2023 and beyond?

Have you just launched your start-up? Looking for a credible platform to build your business website? Or planning to repurpose your existing site to give it an appealing look and attract more customers? If yes, WordPress will surely play a crucial role in this regard. But how?

What Precisely is Custom WordPress Design and Development?

Well, the standard templates available in WordPress come with a lot of limitations. They can help you achieve your basic business goals, but when it comes to customizing the site according to business-specific needs, standard templates don’t work.

Most developers buy or download a ready-made theme and just refine it to some extent. However, this approach doesn’t work when it comes to personalizing any business site. The customized WordPress website reduces your headache and doesn’t expose you to such challenges. The best part of developing a custom website for your business is that you can mold it at any angle you want as and when needed.

Key Benefits

Though there is a long list of benefits associated with WordPress development, a few of them are listed below.

1. Ease of Personalization

The use of custom fields sets your site apart and helps you keep your head up in the competition. The WordPress-backed tools and features enable web developers to introduce additional features so that the site can best match the needs of a specific business. This is what most business owners usually look for. So, the ease of personalization lists custom web development on top.

2. Easy Maintenance

It is another leading benefit of designing and developing a custom WordPress website. It is not only easy to maintain but also consumes very little time. Do you know how they have maintained such a smooth process? Well, the updates take special care of the backend process. Are you concerned about the development cost? The good news is that building a custom WordPress site costs you less than developing a custom non-WordPress website.

3. Compatible with SEO

Drawing a detailed comparison between WordPress and non-WordPress sites, you will be amazed to see that WordPress websites are highly compatible with SEO. As of 2021, approximately 37% of all websites worldwide were built using WordPress technology. It is compatible with more than 60 languages, and over 7.1 million people have started using the latest version (5) of WordPress.

4. Highly Secure

More than 50 highly trained world-class security experts have made WordPress a super secure platform to benefit from. However, it is not completely safe from hacks. Make sure your team installs security plugins, uses an SSL certificate, adds captchas, and integrates plugins to minimize suspicious login attempts. Ensuring all these things will help you protect your readers and website, of course.

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How to Design and Develop a Custom WordPress Website?

Before you move towards designing and developing a customized WordPress site, it is better to get familiar with the WordPress basics first. You must prepare a plan based on your goal and a clear path to achieve it.

1. Define Your Business Goal

Highlighting your business goal before hiring a web developer is important. Do you want to create a landing page to generate more sales? Want to sell online services or products? If yes, a personalized website will lend a helping hand for sure. Once you are clear about your business goal, you can go ahead.

2. Hire UI/UX Designer

The design is something that speaks on behalf of your business goals. It must be eye-catching and appealing enough to grab customers’ attention. A UI/UX designer can convert your virtual idea into a real one and help the developer proceed. The expert designers always ask for all the business needs and future goals before creating any design. Therefore, don’t forget to ensure your designer is well familiar with your brand’s requirements.

3. Take a Skilled WordPress Developer on Board

The developer asks for the design to proceed with the custom WordPress development process. The design helps a developer understand the whole theme and move accordingly. Expert developers ensure that every feature works according to the design provided and make your site live over the internet for customers to get familiar with your business. As soon as a WordPress site goes live, the testing phase starts to assess each functionality.

4. Launch, Maintain, and Update Regularly

Once you are done with the design and development process, the next step is to launch your final idea and go the extra mile to maintain every feature. Maintaining your site is not enough; you should also perform regular updates keeping in mind the needs and demands of your customers. Doing this will help you gain your customers’ trust. Every Development company especially focuses on the upgradation strategy.

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How Much Do Custom WordPress Development Services Cost?

Well, there is no fixed amount to pay for a specific idea. It depends on different factors, like what goals you want to achieve and which team you hire. For instance, if you hire an individual freelancer to complete your project, it would surely be a budget-friendly solution. In contrast, hiring a professional agency will cost you way more for the same project.

If your project is simple and easy to handle, hiring a freelancer would be a good approach, but if you want to assign a series of projects one after the other, go for the agencies, as they are more dependable. They don’t disappear in difficult times, but individuals do. One more advantage of hiring agencies is that they have more developers with diverse skill sets who can work collaboratively to get the job done.

As far as the standard cost of WordPress development services is concerned, they may cost you as low as $75 and as high as $100,000.

Top Challenges

The challenges most people face while maintaining customized WordPress websites are:

1. Slow Speed

This problem occurs when you overload your website with excessive content in a shorter period. Heavy content on custom WordPress sites increases load time and bounce rates. As a result, your Google ranking goes down. To solve this issue, ensure your website runs on a dedicated server with good bandwidth.

2. Over-Use of Plugins

According to WordPress.org, there are more than 60,000 plugins available these days. Each plugin has a unique function to perform, but when non-technical individuals overuse these plugins, the site speed gets slow. This overuse is linked to the lack of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and PHP knowledge. Always hire technical and dedicated development services to get rid of this problem.

3. Problems with Data

Developers worldwide often face no connectivity or poor connectivity to the database. This issue gets highlighted when, as an admin, you modify the content of a webpage. It shows an error notification, “unable to connect to the database”. This problem usually occurs because of wrong connection data or hosting/server provider errors.

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How to Become a Pro WordPress Custom Theme Developer?

If you have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, you can become a pro WordPress custom theme developer. All you need is to take a short course, learn technical things, and keep practicing as much as you can. Many online platforms, like Udemy and Coursera, offer top-grade WordPress theme customization courses. You can book any of them to become a pro WordPress custom theme developer.


Do you want to shift your business model to online? Or looking to improve your digital presence? Look no further than hiring development services by KoderPoint. It is a leading development company that has helped hundreds of medium-size brands and new start-ups take their businesses to the next level.

From full website development to custom plugins and themes, UI/UX designs to integrations and migrations, quality assurance, and much more, KodersPoint offers a complete package. Highly professional and well-trained designers, developers, QA engineers, and project managers play a crucial role in making your dreams come true.

Where to Find Trusted Partners for Custom WordPress Design & Development?

Well, finding a reliable partner is a tough nut to crack, but not impossible. You need to spend some time searching for online and local custom WordPress experts. As far as online platforms are concerned, you can explore:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Quora
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • People Per Hour

Apart from that, a couple of online meetups, search engines, and business listings may also help you find great custom WordPress developers. The question arises here is: what to consider when hiring a WordPress developer? Do you have the same concern in mind?

Well, first of all, look at the developer’s or team’s experience and skill set. Next, you should consider a couple of factors, like client reviews, service cost, customer support, etc.

Final Words

Custom WordPress development services have proved to be excellent tools for millions of businesses around the globe. You can hire such services to appealingly present your products or services online and generate decent sales.

KodersPoint will be your trusted partner for sure. They ask for your business needs before suggesting a high-converting digital solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are a custom WordPress website and a custom WordPress theme different?

A: Absolutely, yes. A custom WordPress theme is linked to the website’s appearance, whereas a custom WordPress website comes with new features built with custom themes and other tools.

Q: How do WordPress.com and WordPress.org differ?

A: Well, WordPress.org is a credible tool or software designed to build websites for different business ideas. In contrast, WordPress.com (as a service) helps you develop a website using managed hosting and WordPress.org.

Q: How much time will it take to design and develop a website using custom WordPress development services?

A: There is no fixed time for the WordPress sites to develop. It depends on the scope of the project. On average, custom WordPress website development projects take 3 to 6 months to complete. So, you can expect the time to be somewhere around it.

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