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Offshore Web Development Company: What is it

Offshore Web Development

Offshore web development is a trendy subject these days, but thousands of people are still unaware of what it is and how it plays its part.

Though website development is an incredible industry that offers handsome salaries, good career opportunities, excellent job growth, and a range of other benefits to those working in this industry. But when it comes to offshore development, it sounds confusing to many out there.

Do you have exactly the same concern? Don’t really know how offshore web app development companies operate? If yes, the discussion below is a perfect read for you to go through.

What Precisely is an Web Development Company?

A setup, entity, or company that outsources web development services to overseas businesses is commonly known as an offshore website development company. Like other website development agencies, an offshore company offers the same services, but it focuses more on overseas businesses rather than getting in touch with local clients.

As far as the staff working in such companies is concerned, they take experienced and skilled professionals on board to provide their clients with unbeatable services. The breakdown usually covers the project manager, team lead, designers, developers, and QA engineers. It may vary slightly from one company to the other, but most follow a similar process.

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Popular Development Services

Below is a list of popular services you can expect from an offshore website development agency.

  • UI/UX Design: It covers the overall design and creative look of the site to appeal to potential clients or customers. It helps improve the user experience.
  • Front-End Development: As the name says, this service is all about designing the front end of an overseas business website.
  • Back-End Development: It includes the back-end development, including coding and the major changes in the framework.
  • CMS Integration: This service includes the overall content management, like landing pages, blog posts, and other content available on the website.
  • Maintenance and Tech Support: It consists of technical support and maintenance services once the development phase gets completed. This service ensures your website works perfectly for every feature that was supposed to be integrated.

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Best Frameworks to Use

A few commonly used web development frameworks that have gained decent popularity in recent times are listed below.

1. React.js

It is a well-known library introduced in 2013 (on Facebook) to build superb front-end solutions. If we talk about its recent popularity, big companies (like Yahoo, eBay, Instagram, Netflix, and Airbnb) have happily used React.js technology in their businesses.


This technology is used to build web apps and websites using MVC patterns. A wide range of applications, decent flexibility, high productivity, and convenience convince coding experts to use ASP.NET when working on their projects.

3. Django

It is a website application framework of Python. Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) is a leading principle of this technology. Django websites are developed with single or multiple applications that are designed to be connectable and detachable at the same time.

4. Laravel

This web app framework comes with an appealing and expressive syntax. Laravel is equally beneficial for front end and back end offshore web developers because it provides them with a full-stack web solution. Millions of developers consider its documentation perfect.

5. Ruby on Rails

It is an MVC structure-based full-fledged framework that uses databases to develop web applications. With its increasing demand, Ruby on Rails has become a powerful and popular tool for building web apps. You can use it for both small and large-scale businesses.

6. Other Frameworks

Apart from the ones listed above, there is a long list of frameworks used in the website development industry. A few of them are listed below.

  • NodeJS
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • Typescript
  • Symfony
  • YII

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Top Benefits of Hiring Offshore Web Application Development Services

How does offshore web development give overseas businesses a solid boost? It is a frequently asked query. If you are looking for an answer to this question, make sure you read the below points carefully.

1. Adaptable Cooperation

Reputable web development agencies put customers’ convenience on top, which is why they offer customer-centric solutions. Doing this helps them gain customers’ trust and build a great brand identity. Two types of cooperation – turnkey and staff augmentation – are common. Let’s look at what they both are.

  1. Turnkey: It is advisable when you look for end-to-end services to develop business websites. The project manager manages the whole task.
  2. Staff Augmentation: It is a perfect approach for those who look forward to expanding their in-house development teams.

2. Agile Development

It ensures quick and effective marketing, thereby controlling product quality in a better way. Agile development is a perfect solution for complex projects that need efficient workflows. Moreover, it provides you with effective outcomes and iterative stages. Some other methodologies offshore web development companies use are Scrum and Waterfall.

3. Access to Diverse Minds

Hiring offshore website development services opens the doors for you to get complete access to experienced professionals and diverse skill sets at a fair price. It doesn’t matter if you choose turnkey or staff augmentation cooperation; reputable offshore agencies offer high-quality digital solutions to improve the rate of customer satisfaction.

4. High-Quality Outcomes

To ensure satisfactory results, offshore website development setups utilize their experience and expertise to provide clients with what exactly they look for. In simple words, the quality is guaranteed if you hire these services to boost your business in the digital world. Good companies believe in efficient traceability to inform clients about the development phases’ progress. If you want to put in a change request to introduce a new feature or update the existing one, reputed agencies always offer a well-organized management program to cater to change requests.

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Offshore Web Development Process that Most Companies Follow

Though a project’s life cycle may be different in different companies, a few steps are always common, as listed below.

1. Analyzing Business

There is nothing more important than performing a strong analysis to understand what the business is about before you start working on the solution. Gathering important business needs, like major goals, expected results, and desired features, is necessary. Offshore web application development companies take skilled business analysis experts on board to better understand your business requirements and offer the most suitable stack accordingly.

2. Design and Development

Keeping your target audience in mind, offshore web design agencies build personalized or customized designs for your business website or web application. It helps you appeal to your target clients or customers. The front-end and back-end offshore web developers work on this design to make it fully functional.

3. Deployment

Though it is done on the client’s side, offshore agencies help you in the overall process. In addition, these companies look for the gaps that could potentially lead to unsuccessful deployment. Identifying the right gaps helps them deploy your business web application or website successfully.

4. Tech Support

It comes into play when the whole development process gets completed. The companies offer efficient technical support to ensure your website or web app is working exactly the same way it was supposed to. If we talk about big names in the offshore web application development industry, they provide at least up to six months of free technical support. This is something that helps them gain customers’ trust.

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Looking for a Trustworthy Offshore Website Development Partner?

Are you on the hunt for reliable offshore web development services? Looking forward to making your business do wonders in the digital world? Look no further than hiring KodersPoint web and app development services.

The best part of hiring this company is that you get access to a complete package at an unbeatable price compared to the traditional agencies out there in today’s market. A few factors that set KodersPoint apart are listed below.

  • 5+ years of deep exposure to the web and app development industry
  • Team of highly experienced and professional designers, developers, and quality assurance experts
  • High-quality business solutions
  • Periodic discussions on the project’s progress
  • Affordable prices
  • Friendly communication
  • On-time project delivery
  • Easy payment terms
  • Up to 6 months of free tech support

All these factors contribute to helping KodersPoint reach new heights. This agency has helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses build high-converting websites, web apps, and mobile applications. Doesn’t matter if you need business solutions for ecommerce, food, hospitality, haircare, clothing, real estate, construction, automotive, or any other industry; KodersPoint has got you covered. Don’t forget to get in touch with this offshore web development company if you need similar solutions for your business.

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A company that outsources its web development services to international businesses is known as an offshore web development company. The online world has countless similar companies, but it becomes a tough nut to crack when it comes to finding a reliable and trustworthy one. If you are struggling with finding a trusted offshore development agency, contact KodersPoint today. They will never let you feel down.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What factors affect the cost of web development projects?

A: The cost is proportional to the complexity of the project and the deadline. The shorter the deadline, the more the cost will be. At the same time, complex tasks are more costly than ones with simple requirements to fulfill.

Q: Where can I hire offshore website developers or companies?

A: LinkedIn is one of the greatest platforms to hire similar resources. You can also simply search on Google. Doing this will help you find a couple of companies. You can contact them to learn more about the services they offer. Similarly, freelance platforms have also proved to be decent tools for hiring offshore website development companies and services. These platforms include; Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, People Per Hour, and others.

Q: Is offshore web development a time-consuming service?

A: Well, it depends on various factors, including project requirements, team composition, technology to be used, and expected time to launch. Complicated projects take more time to complete compared to simple ones.

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