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Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment: Everything You Should Be Familiar With!

origin post is preparing shipment

All courier services use phrases that are designated to their work. These phrases serve different motives and objectives. The ‘Origin post is preparing shipment’ notification is one such regular message that performs this function. Many people who use local and international courier services get this message sometimes. But only a few can tell you what it means and what steps you can take to solve the problem.

It doesn’t matter where you live or which service you use; there is a chance that you will encounter this phrase being used. If you are a newbie or someone who got this message for the first time, keep on reading the article.

We will shed light on what this phrase means and what you should do in this situation. We will also be answering your questions in great detail, so let’s start. 

What Does This Mean?

The term “origin post is preparing shipment” is frequently used by USPS for foreign mailings. The courier business uses this term on items they already prepared tracking data for and are set to be sent. It signifies USPS has collected such a parcel, registered it into their system, and is ready to be dispatched to the specified location.

That is, the term is not limited to a single step of the shipping. It can encompass any stage between when the parcel was received and when it is delivered to your door. And since the word provides inadequate guidance to users. When most individuals notice it, they become frustrated because they have no idea where their package is.

Unluckily, USPS does not want you to find out what is going on with your parcel, so they use the word. When you notice that, keep cool and know that your package is en route to you. There is no need to get angry and frustrated. The parcel will reach you in a few days.

What Type of Shipments Will Get This Notification?

The notification usps is used for international parcels. In order for this notice to be generated, your designated location should be another country. In comparison, your parcel should be in some other place.

For example, you have sent a parcel from the United States of America to Germany. In this scenario, you will get this notification. It means that the parcel is somewhere between the two destinations. So there is no need to panic; they have already registered your parcel and will get to the specified location on time.

Does This Notification Mean It Is Waiting for Custom Clearance?

As we indicated, this commonly occurs on foreign shipments. Thus, it is not unusual to have individuals wonder if it implies their item is at customs awaiting clearance. That is not always the case.

Once your parcel is received, they register your parcel in their system. This notification can mean a variety of things. Below are some situations that can occur with your parcel when this notification shows up:

  • When your item is just leaving the storage unit and being loaded onto trucks to be sent to a mail processing facility for delivery.
  • Your shipment showed up at the mail sorting center and is being processed.
  • Your parcel is at the airport and going through screening.
  • When the pallet carrying your box is not yet full sufficiently to be carried onto the plane for delivery at the mail storage house.

These are the possible scenarios that can happen when they give you this notification. Rest assured, the services are working tirelessly to deliver your package at the right time.

How Long Does This Notification Stay?

Are you worried about your package and looking for an answer to how long this status will stay? It varies. Most of the time, it takes 3 to 5 days. If you are lucky, it may reach you in 2 days as well. And that may extend for a week or even a month – but these instances are extremely rare.

So, if you view your shipment tracking and read this notification, you may expect your delivery to arrive in less than 5 days. So don’t fret and wait patiently for your parcel.

How Long Does International Shipping Take?

There is no clear answer to this question. These things depend on a variety of variables and may differ for different services. The main factors that can affect the delivery are:

  • The country from which the parcel is being shipped plays a vital role. The location and the distance will decide when the parcel will reach.
  • The efficiency of the delivery service will impact the time of delivery. Some services are quick, while some take time.
  • The type of service you have opted for. Some go for quick delivery, but you will have to pay extra charges for it.
  • The weight of the parcel plays a vital role in it.
  • The time of the year is essential, so keep note of it. If Christmas is coming in between, it will slow down delivery due to the holidays.
  • If your custom form is filled improperly, your delivery might get late. It can happen due to incomplete or improper information.

These are some of the factors that can cause a delay in your package. It is necessary that you avoid them for a smooth process. You can also ask the delivery service about their average delivery time. It will give you a rough estimate and make things easier for you.


While all delivery services put their work and dedication into making things possible and delivering packages on time. Sometimes, things don’t go as they are planned. Many things can go wrong at once that can delay your parcel. We have listed down some of the reasons that can cause this issue:

Arrival Scan Was Not Done

Although this occurs infrequently, it does not imply that it does not occur at all. When you see signals like ‘origin post is preparing shipment,’ it’s likely someone at the delivery facility center skipped the arrival screening.

This issue is purely due to the enormous volume of packages and parcels received by services, particularly during busy seasons. When you’re swamped with labor, it’s natural to become overwhelmed.

Employees in the facilities center are also prone to forgetting to do arrival scans while the package flow is heavy.

This implies that even when your package is traveling through the system, there will be no updates. As a result, you will not receive regular updates on the status of your item.  Until someone catches and corrects the issue. Or the package is delivered to your door. This case is very rare, but it can be a possibility.

The Pallet of Your Package Is Removed

Pallets are used to keep multiple packages grouped on facilities as they transit from one phase of shipment to the next. The type of pallet will determine the time of your package. If any of the pallets burst open or encounter a delay in filling, this may cause a lag for all of the articles contained in that pallet.

But once the pallets are repaired, the system will get back on track, and the notifications will be updated. It can be a reason for the delay, but rest assured, things will keep going once the pallet is repaired.

Overflow of Package

Another reason why you may receive the notification is due to pre-shipment parcel overflow. This is due to an increase in the number of items received and delivered at the time. In certain ways, this impedes the shipping process and reduces the number of packets transported.

This ultimately results in incorrect shipment statuses. You may get a status like ‘stuck’ when you try to track your parcel.

Furthermore, with this large volume of packages, there may not be adequate logistics to handle the workload. As a result, some packages get held off and labeled as ‘origin post is preparing to ship.’ It is done to free up their hands from the extra job. This is more common during peak seasons such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

But as the workload becomes low, the status will be updated, and you will get your order. There is no need to panic; you will get the order in 3 to 5 days.

Transportation Problem

This is by far the most typical reason the items may be marked as being ready for dispatch. Unlike other problems, this one is not your fault or the fault of the services. In truth, no one has any influence over it.

This could be caused by severe weather conditions such as hailstorms, lightning strikes, and cyclones. It could also be caused by natural occurrences such as storms, earthquakes, and hurricanes. It may lead aircraft to be delayed for an extended period of time.

The problem could potentially be linked to airplane maintenance. In most circumstances, this will lead to your delivery being postponed for a few days.

Give It a Go

Delivery services put their dedication and work into delivering packages on time. But there are certain cases where you can not control the outcome. It may frustrate the people as the status ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ can stay for days, but as soon as the problem is fixed, you will get your parcel. We have discussed all possible questions you are curious to know about in the above sections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What should you do when you are faced with this problem?

A: The first thing is to stay calm and wait for further updates. They usually update the status in 2 to 3 days. If it is not the case, you can call the helpline of the courier service and get information.

Q: Is there a chance that your package is lost?

A: Delivery services make sure that all the packages are delivered on time. But in rare cases, it can happen that your package gets lost during the loading or shipment phase. If the status does not get updates, call them.

Q: Can you track your order online?A: Yes, most services provide you with this opportunity. But when you get this notification, you might feel helpless as there will be no update on the location. You should stay calm and wait for future updates.

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