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7 Best Cannabis Business Social Networks (2024)

cannabis business social network

Cannabis is getting increasingly popular in today’s world. This industry is quite large, and numerous states in the United States have legalized it, enhancing the sector’s chances of success. There is one thing that everyone in the industry has to keep their eyes on. The ever-changing trends.

Things move quickly in this industry. It can get difficult for cannabis experts to keep up with discoveries, trends, and restrictions. As a result, canna-businesses and enthusiasts require a platform for interacting naturally with others in the field.

This is where the cannabis business social network comes into play. Social media works miracles in any sector. Any type of business that is socially connected has the potential to produce magic.

Today, numerous new Cannabis busineswill assist you in interacting with various people that are vital to your business. Let’s have a look at those networks, and you can connect with them to increase your success rate. 

Why Is It Important to Stay Active In Cannabis Business?

Maintaining a business is not a walk in the park. You need connections to survive in the industry, especially if we are talking about the cannabis business. Here we will discuss essential pointers as to why staying active and maintaining your business networks is necessary.

  • Personal Branding

Cannabis social networks have people from all around the world. Whatever branch of the cannabis industry your company is in, it should have its position on specialized websites.

These sites have your intended audience and top-tier industry connections. As a result, you must be active to increase brand recognition. It will take you to the next level and help you better connect with people. 

  • Freedom to Post

Cannabis community social media sites are far more flexible since they cater to everyone. You can be innovative with your cannabis articles if your writing stays within the platform’s guidelines.

You can present your company in front of thousands of people, market your brand, and make business connections.

  • Business Connections

Business connections will take you to new places and help you seal deals you have never imagined. The will help you establish your authority in the market. These platforms will provide you with the opportunity to find connections. It is up to you how you take things further. So stay focused and maintain your relations. 

  • Strengthen the Cannabis Cause 

Although the cannabis sector is rapidly expanding, it still faces numerous challenges. As long as cannabis is illegal at the national level, the sector will face significant challenges. Platforms where cannabis supporters may discuss their views and thoughts about this sector will help advance the cannabis cause.

7 Best Cannabis Business Social Networks at the Moment 

Now that we have shed light on the benefits of these networks. You must be thinking about where to find them. Don’t worry; we have a whole list of platforms you can join and start building your connections.

1. LeafWire

LeafWire provides users with an equivalent professional platform aimed at improving the whole cannabis business, particularly LinkedIn.

You can use cannabis social network marketing to reach out to a variety of potential investors and promote your business. It’s an impressive deal.

LeafWire also connects people so they may share knowledge and related news. Their main motivation and goal is to assist cannabis businesses in growing and prospering by providing them with the most secure and convenient platform.

2. WeedLife

WeedLife is widely regarded as one of the world’s biggest cannabis social networks. More than 120 countries have access to it. The goal of creating this social network was to hasten the expansion of the cannabis sector. It was also created to provide consumers with a better platform for targeting, connecting, and sharing goods and amenities.

Users sign in on the web or via an app and are shown a real-time newsfeed, much like Facebook.  They can participate and contribute by submitting marijuana-related photographs, videos, blogs, and comments.

Users have the ability to establish, join, and contribute to web pages, groups, and discussion boards.

It is an excellent website with huge traffic on the line. If you are new, it is the best platform to start and make quick connections. 

3. MjLink

Many social media sites attempt to expand one’s network, and MjLink achieves so via artificial intelligence (AI). MjLink members get automated leads from AI-powered marketing programs, which assist cannabis firms in building stronger professional connections.

This platform can help you greatly whether you are a manufacturer, grower, supplier, seller, or consumer. MjLink provides an activity feed with cannabis information and networking opportunities among comparable businesses.

You can use this platform to promote your brand, discover your next cultivator, or possibly get involved with the next big firm to enter the field.

4. Duby

Duby is a prominent cannabis industry social network that promotes an inviting and secure atmosphere for sharing ideas and experiences. Duby has succeeded in building the world’s largest cannabis social network by providing users with distinct and personal experiences that they genuinely want.

Duby operates as a mobile app, allowing users to access it at any time and on any device. You can share films and details with others and bookmark content for future reference. It is ideal for cannabis businesses looking to advertise their companies. It has the same approach to content as Instagram. So set up your account and enjoy the perks.

5. Weedable

Weedable is a tool for socializing where users may share information about cannabis products and interact with other cannabis aficionados. There is also a lot of current cannabis-related news on the Weedable time frame, so consumers can remain up to date on what’s happening in the sector.

It is a simple website where people can sign up and start building their connections. You will be able to connect with the vendors, farmers, and businessmen who are already established in this market. 

6. GrassCity

Grasscity is one of the world’s earliest cannabis cultivation places. It’s also full of history, having started in Amsterdam, where smoking marijuana outdoors was accepted decades before it was legalized in various countries. The site has over 700,000 customers in its customer list and gets more than 90% of its revenue from customers in the United States.

GrassCity is an iconic company with considerable brand stuff in the cannabis sector. It has evolved into a comprehensive network where people can exchange their views, ideas, and goods, as well as images and videos. You can find all the latest information regarding this topic and people 

7. WeedTube

It is a platform that is well-informed about all the new information emerging in the market. It was founded in 2018 when all the cannabis content was censored from YouTube. It has done many social initiatives for the cannabis industry and holds a respectable position in the market.

The main aim is to streamline the information and fight for the organization of cannabis at the federal level. Many people admire the efforts they are putting into this cause. You can join this initiative and establish connections in this industry.

Other Platforms to Stay Connected With Cannabis Industry 

It is not the end of the list. There are some platforms that are not made specifically for cannabis networks, but they provide you with up-to-date information and help you stay updated. These platforms are given below:

  • Twitter Space

In general, cannabis content cannot be promoted on Twitter. It does, however, have a portion called Space where anyone can start a voice debate about whatever they wish.

Cannabis lovers can create their own Space to discuss cannabis-related concerns. Because the spaces are open to the public, anyone can listen in. Many people use these spaces to start conversations about the cannabis industry.

  • Podcast

You can find all types of podcasts in this world. To stay updated with the cannabis industry, you can listen to some famous podcasts to increase your knowledge.

For example, Kaya Cast, a cannabis podcast, has been launched by Kaya Push. It is a weekly show in which the hosts welcome the entrepreneurs, CEOs, and managers of a number of today’s largest marijuana companies. They talk about things that cannabis fans will find intriguing.

Best Cannabis Forums Online

One of the benefits of cannabis business is that they provide a forum for users to speak openly about marijuana and hemp-related issues.

Some of the aforementioned platforms, such as Grasscity, operate their forums. Other forums that you try to increase your connections and following are:

1. THCTalk

This forum is a place where people can talk about how to produce marijuana and share suggestions on how to get a sound output. Beginners can start with the fundamentals of cannabis cultivation, including discussions on indoor, outdoor, and aquatic methods.

Other than that, there are many general topics that people discuss on the forum. You can also promote your brand and gain knowledge about this industry.

2. Rollitup

The forum’s name accurately describes what it is: an exciting location to meet individuals who share your interest in marijuana and cannabis goods. It’s similar to a virtual coffee shop where people can discuss everything as long as it’s associated with cannabis. It is indeed a fun way to interact with people.

Ending Note

A cannabis business social network is the best place to start. These platforms will help you establish your reputation in the market and gain great connections in return. It is a great way to stay updated with the latest news and form ties that help you expand your business. We have discussed these in detail, so head over and read the article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do other platforms allow you to talk about cannabis?

A: Some platforms have restrictions, and you can’t openly discuss these things. This is the reason cannabis social platforms are established to bridge the gap. They offer great insights and news for you.

Q: Can you make your own social platform for this purpose?

A: Yes, you can. But you need connections and investment to start this venture. If you are a beginner, it is better to start with these platforms and grow your network. After that, you can open your wings.

Q: Is cannabis banned in all states of America?A: No, it is legal in some states and illegal in others. The states have the authority to make their own rules. This is why you will find this difference. Organizations and different platforms are working to make it legal on the federal level.

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