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How to Start a Shapewear Business in 2024

how to start a shapewear business

Every lady desires to appear thin, sleek, and gorgeous when wearing her favorite summer dress. However, that is not how it works. To look great, you must follow a strict diet and exercise regimen. However, this is no longer the case with the magic of shapewear. This undergarment is intended to smooth away bumps and bulges. It lifts droopy areas and straightens posture to make one appear more petite and beautiful.

People, from Instagram to fashion gurus, are all over the shapewear and are quickly becoming wardrobe staples. As people are talking more about body positivity, shapewear is becoming more famous and in demand. Starting a business could be an attractive enterprise if you’re considering entering the fashion industry and have a genuine interest in making folks feel at ease and secure.

This sector’s anticipated value is set to reach 3.8 billion by 2025. There’s definitely enough pie to go around. However, before you delve into the industry, you must first learn the specifics so that you do not make costly blunders. We are going to discuss start a business in detail so that you don’t have any confusion. So let’s get started.

3 Reasons to Start a Shapewear Business

First, let’s have a look at why you should start this business. There are many benefits attached to it, and you will learn a lot in this domain. So, let’s start the countdown.

1. Consistent Earning

Because of the growing need throughout the year, this business strategy nearly guarantees steady profitability. Shapewear is worn all year, and their demand does not decrease during any time of year. The primary explanation for this is that people want to seem slender and fit, and these current body-shaping clothes are designed to be cozy enough to wear in any weather.

Its airy material is the selling point and the primary reason why everyone desires to buy it. So, if you decide to pursue this business, you can be assured that you will attain a constant income throughout the year.

2. More Demand

The popularity of these clothing products is growing by the day. Entering this business might be a terrific way to earn enough money to live your goal. All you need is a reliable shapewear provider to keep your stock of high-quality shapewear stocked at all times. So, if you start a firm now, you will have plenty of time to succeed in this industry.

3. Opportunities to Grow

The shapewear market is rapidly expanding due to women’s increasing desire for attractive and comfortable items. These garments help them appear better and feel more secure about their appearance. 

As demand grows, you will have more options to expand your firm. All you have to do is come up with a problem that needs to be solved and include it in your shapewear brand. This is a terrific technique to keep your audience’s attention and stay on top of your game.

Step By Step Guide

We know you are curious to know how to start this business and succeed in this domain. We’ve got you covered. We are going to discuss everything in detail for your ease. All you need to do is follow this guide and implement it to yield good results.

1. Research the Market

Before launching a business, you must first determine who your target market is. Your target market consists of women, girls, actors, models, and those who are in search of a body garment. By presenting them with superior shapewear, you may assist them in appearing and feeling at their finest.

One thing You must understand is what these women desire and require. It will assist you in developing a product and garment that sells like crazy and remains in high demand.

You can also provide a selection of contouring cosmetics to assist women in feeling happy and attractive in their own skin. The hidden key is to conduct thorough market research to understand demand and rivals. It is the key to becoming a successful business.

If you are not understanding the business model and how to sell yourself, you will not have a chance in the market. So, focus on your positives and see how you can beat your competitors from the very start.

2. Business Plan

Now that you are done with the market and industry analysis, you must make a business plan. It is the most important step that will help you carefully plan every aspect of your business. Your business plan will help you highlight the important things, and you can prepare accordingly. 

It will assist you in making a strategy for marketing, planning, and securing finances. The things that you should include in your business plan are:

  • Industry analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Financial needs
  • Suppliers and Equipment
  • Long term goals 
  • Competitive analysis

It can be quite overwhelming to get all the information and plan things carefully. You can also talk with a skilled person who can help you with this.

3. Find Supplier

The next step is to locate a manufacturer. You must purchase your shapewear straight from the supplier. As a new company, you may not have a large budget. This implies you’ll need to work with a shapewear provider who has a low initial order. This allows you to start small and expand the firm once you begin to earn a profit.

You should also look for a wholesale shapewear supplier. You can place a large order at a reduced price with such a manufacturer. The best thing is that you explore different options you have and see which one sits well with your company plan. In the beginning, you can explore as your company is quite new. Make sure you settle with those that give you a quality garment.

4. Order Samples

Following that, you will be required to order a few samples straight from the manufacturing facility. Stocking the correct items is the sole means to operate a profitable business. This is why getting samples is critical. You might begin by selecting a few items from a huge catalog.

After you place your order, you will have the opportunity to inspect the product quality. You can also determine how quickly the manufacturer ships the merchandise. You can easily determine which goods to buy in bulk by sampling them. On the other hand, there is a possibility that you don’t like the manufacturer and may want to change it. 

5. Create Your Brand

What is the shapewear industry without branding? Creating a brand can be difficult. However, when done correctly, it may assist your clients in interacting with your company. It is critical to have a brand with which people can identify. This permits you to have a large number of clients who know you for a specific item or goods. When first starting out, it is an excellent idea to focus on certain products.

If you only want to deal with some shapewear pieces, you can base your entire business on a single product. Use social media to meet new people and develop your own identity. Social networks will assist you in reaching people’s hearts and winning them over with your products.

6. Organize a Shoot

It is all about “the way it looks.” After all, you’re working with a fashion item. Before they can put their money in your hands, your potential customers will want to observe what the item looks like.

The purpose of a photoshoot is to assist your client in visualizing the product in real life. In this manner, consumers may have a sense of how they will appear if they acquire the product. Find a few models to try on the shapewear catalog as well as any other catalogs. Once you have the images, you may use them on social media and on your website.

7. Market Your Business

The final stage is to market your business effectively to reach the audience. Use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to target your audience. You can create targeted ads to reach audiences who are interested in buying your products.

On the other hand, create a story that sells. Use marketing to your advantage. It may seem like it is not working in the beginning, but the secret is to stay consistent and change your strategies to see which one works best for your business.

Pros and Cons

Every business has a set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at what this business has in store for you.


  • The business is in high demand
  • You can earn good profit from this business
  • The opportunities for growth in this domain are immense
  • The target audience is huge, which makes it an ideal business
  • The market is growing with each passing day
  • You can start this business online


  • The competition can be high. It may be difficult to make it as a beginner.
  • The main issue is the quality and comfort. You can face challenges in meeting these standards.

Ending Note

If you want to make a career in this sector, you must compete with current companies and competitors. It necessitates a comprehensive company plan, high-quality products, competitive pricing, and an effective marketing approach. We have discussed in detail how to start a shapewear business above. Shapewear is a type of everyday clothing that individuals wear to seem beautiful. However, its market size and consumption are relatively high. It is a highly profitable venture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to sell shapewear online?

A: In order to sell online, you need to build your online audience. You can do this by doing targeted campaigns and posting on social media. Focus on your quality and see the magic. People love brands that know how to deal with customers.

Q: Is it a profitable venture to start?

A: Yes, the shapewear business is highly profitable. Many companies are earning $ 5,000 or more monthly. It all boils down to the popularity of your brand and the quality of your products. If you want to go down the same path, focus on building a brand first. 

Q: How do you name your business?A: Names play a vital role in your success. They are going to be used everywhere, so choose wisely. Go for names that are chic and give a feminine vibe. Nowadays, people like names that are subtle and easy to pronounce.

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