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International Shipment Release- Import: What Exactly Does This Phrase Mean?

international shipment release - import

There is a high chance that you were checking your tracking number and this message popped in front of you ‘international shipment release-import’. This message may put you in panic mode if you are using FedEx for the first time.

Naturally, a few thoughts race through your head. What exactly does this upgrade imply? Is there something wrong with your shipment? And, above all, is there anything else you should do? So, before you panic over this, let me assist you with this article.

In this post, we will walk you through everything you need to know. It can cause confusion in a lot of people and the bad news is that few know how to deal with this situation. Don’t fret. We are here to help you. Let’s get started.

International Shipment Release – Import | What Does That Mean?

Let’s get it straight from the start. There is nothing to be concerned about when you see the status: International shipment release – import. This signifies that your delivery has already been passed by the destination country’s customs.  It has taken a step closer to reaching your residence. International delivery involves several processes before arriving at its ultimate location.

The clearance at customs is an essential phase of its journey. When your package clears this barrier, FedEx immediately forwards you a message to keep you informed on the status of your delivery. So there is no need to panic; they are just updating you regarding your parcel. There is a high chance that you will receive it in a couple of days. 

Behind the Scenes of This Process

Let us take a step back and tell you the whole story behind the ‘FedEx international shipment release import’. It will give you a clear answer as to what goes on behind the doors and why they give you such an update. Let’s break it down.

The phrase “Import” in the tracking notice shows that your package has cleared customs in the destination country. It indicates that it is coming from another country.

This also shows that customs officers have examined and approved the required papers. They verify that your consignment complies with the intended country’s import legislation and standards.

FedEx takes over your item once customs has given its permission. They must now proceed to the next stage. The “International Shipment Release” label on the box indicates that authorities have handed it over, and it has landed in the hands of FedEx for shipment to you.

Your order may still be at the border entry into the intended country at this stage. On the other side, it could have already been relocated to a large warehouse near a FedEx international center. It is usually located at an airport near the import site.

These hubs function as focal centers for sorting and organizing parcels before dispatch. Don’t be concerned if there is a minor lag during this phase. It may occur as your package passes through inspections and logistics. So there is nothing to be worried about.

Once your parcel has made its way to FedEx, it will soon come to your doorstep. You may have to wait a little for all the operations to reach their end and hop onto the final step.

How Long Does It Take for the FedEx Shipment to Arrive?

The time depends on the country and the location of both parties, so there is no fixed answer. But we will try our best to give you all the details you need.

In most cases, the import release process may require up to two weeks to complete. This time period covers the time it takes authorities to examine and handle the relevant papers, as well as ensure that they follow import regulations and procedures.

Once the things have been cleared by customs, they will be on their way to your home. The customs clearance procedure usually takes about 3-5 days. Customs officers will assess the package, check its contents, and carry out any extra examinations within this time.

However, it is crucial to remember that if the package requires more investigation, delays may occur. It is the time that most parcels take to reach the final destination. In case of delay, there is no set period so it can arrive early or late.

If you are experiencing a delay, you can call the main center and ask about your parcel. They will give you a better answer and tell you the reason for the delay. It is better to call and ask instead of worrying. 

How Do You Know That Your Parcel Has Cleared the Custom Stage?

We know you are excited to meet with your parcel and constantly open tabs and check the status. There are a few things that will help you in determining the answer to this question.

One handy approach is to go to your country’s Postal Service website, which gives essential tracking data for your package.

Once your shipment passes through customs, you should expect to receive an optimistic status report on their website. Keep an eye out for the notification “Customs Released.” This message shows that the shipment has passed through customs.

It is now prepared to carry on its journey to your preferred location. It means you should receive your package within 3 to 5 days.

What to Do If Your Parcel Is Stuck With This Message?

It can get frustrating to see the message ‘international shipment release-import’ every time you check the status of your parcel. While these delays are a part of the journey, there are some things you can do to make this process faster.

  1. Patience

This is the initial thing you ought to consider when you see the notification. Try to stay as collected and patient as possible. Customs clearance might take longer based on a variety of circumstances.

As a result, give the process a decent amount of time to be done. This is why you should remain calm and don’t take things too seriously. 

  1. Timeframe Is Important

While delays are possible, it’s a good idea to double-check the estimated duration for customs clearance. Based on the circumstances, the duration may vary. The factors include the intended location, the shipping company, and the nature of the items being imported.

To get a notion of when you might expect your product, consult the shipping company’s estimated arrival chart. It will offer you a rough idea of when you can expect your package. 

  1. Contact the Carrier Company

If you have any questions or if the delay appears to be serious, please contact FedEx customer service. They may be able to assist you in this area and solve your situation.

  1. Check Tracking Details 

Confirm the tracking details again to guarantee there are no mistakes or anomalies in the information given. Check that the mailing address is correct and corresponds to the planned delivery location.

Incorrect or missing address details might cause customs clearance problems. So make certain that there is no mistake on your side. 

  1. Contact the Customs Authorities

If you sense a problem with customs clearance, call the intended country’s customs office. They can give you details about the current state of your package as well as any extra information you need. It can put your mind at ease, and you will get to know if everything is alright with your parcel.

Can Custom Services Seize Your Parcel?

This is an inquiry that many people have while sending or receiving overseas shipments. So, can authorities take the package you sent? The answer is yes. Customs officials have the authority to detain and hold items for a variety of reasons.

One of them is to carry out rigorous inspections and ensure that its contents are authentic. They must ensure that they adhere to the laws and constraints of the recipient country.

If customs suspect that the contents of your box go against import restrictions, they may take it for additional examination. If your shipment is intercepted by customs, you must act quickly.

Inquire with the target country’s customs office about the exact grounds for the seizure. You should also ask about the steps that must be taken to fix the matter. Customs will walk you through the recovery of your parcel.

What Type of Parcels Do They Seize During the Clearance?

Custom services usually take those parcels that have things that are prohibited and break the rules. Some of the parcels that can get confiscated are:

  • Restricted Items

Certain things, such as agricultural products or animal products, are subject to stringent laws in some nations. Customs may seize these things if they are shipped without the necessary permits. They will not be able to reach you.

  • Weapons

Packages carrying firearms, ammo, or other lethal devices may be seized unless relevant permissions and licenses are presented. If you don’t want to go through this hassle, you should take the steps ahead of time.

  • Currency

Large sums of money without proper steps may cause customs to confiscate the money. You should do this procedure using legal means, or else they will take your money.

  • Other Items

Other items like illegal substances and hazardous substances can also get confiscated during the procedure. You need to contact the services to again start the process.

Ending Note

‘International shipment release-import’ message may cause you to overthink and panic but this is not the case anymore. It simply signifies that your package has passed through customs and is on its way to you. Just be patient, and the notification will be updated as soon as your package arrives at the FedEx sorting center. In case you have any questions, you can reach out to us. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can packages have the same tracking number?

A: No, the packages have different tracking numbers. Each number is unique and used to track a particular parcel. It allows the users to see where their package is and when they can receive it. These numbers are important to deliver at the right location. So, there is no such thing as the same tracking number.

Q: Why do packages get stuck in customs?

A: There are several reasons. It may be due to the rules and regulations of the other country. It also depends on the safety and weather conditions at the moment. But rest assured sooner or later that, they will reach their destination.

Q: Can you take your package out if customs have taken it?A: Yes, you will have to go through a set procedure to make it happen. Contact the customs office and ask them about the necessary steps. They will guide you in getting your parcel.

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