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10 Steps to Start a Supplement Company in 2024

how to start a supplement company

The American supplement industry is growing at a rapid speed and is worth $35 billion. People are more health conscious nowadays, thanks to the pandemic we faced. If you are a health enthusiast, you can easily launch a supplement business and make a huge profit from it. But the main problem arises when you find little to no resources online. It is not easy to start your business when you are clueless about business trends and the ins and outs.

Starting a supplement company might be difficult as you search for a manufacturer, collaborate with a co-packer, and design your goods labels by current standards. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you get started. In this guide, we will teach you how to start a supplement company and what you need to make yourself relevant in this competitive market. So hold tight, and let’s start this countdown. 

10 Steps to Start a Supplement Company 

Here, we will look at the steps you need to follow to kickstart your business. It may seem difficult at first, and you might be confused about the overflowing information, but hang on. Follow this simple guide as we are going to break down each step.

1. Find the Product That Is High In Demand

To begin, consider what kind of supplement you want to sell. Even though several supplement options are available, not all of them are profitable. Choosing the appropriate supplement to market can make or destroy your business, especially if you’re just getting launched. Some of the things that a supplement should have are:

  • Good market standing
  • Provides value to the customers

Weight loss, cognitive enhancement, and supplements for those with specific nutritional needs are obvious markets. So, conduct an extensive study and develop a product that is both effective and in high demand.

2. Choose Your Market

Determining and choosing your target market is a smart spot to start when beginning a supplement company. You must be assured that purchasers will desire to acquire your supplements; otherwise, things may take an unpleasant turn.

People have never been more concerned about their health than they are now. As a result, the need for health and fitness supplements is likely to increase. Still, focusing simply on “health-conscious people”  is too broad an audience.

The more precise your choice, the better. Because it lets you focus your advertising campaigns on a smaller group of people who are more willing to buy your products. So, devote more time to determine your target audience’s problems, demands, and even who they are currently purchasing from. It will increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

3. Create A Business Plan

Every firm needs a strategy. This will perform as a manual to help your startup through the launch itself while staying focused on your core goals. A business plan also helps investors and potential collaborators comprehend your company’s mission and vision.

The things that you must add to your business plan are:

  • Company Overview
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial plan
  • Industry analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Operations plan

You can hire a specialist for this purpose as well. It can be an intimidating task and requires you to dive deeper into the details. So take this plunge if you want to make things easier in the future.

4. Develop Your Product

It’s time to start building your product after settling on the marketplace and discovering what is currently available. Whether you create the formula independently or collaborate with a company, it can be an exciting step in this business.

You may produce a distinctive and compelling product by combining the necessities of your intended consumers with your organization’s ideals. If you are starting out on your own without a manufacturer’s assistance, it is advisable to focus on one or two goods at first. A restricted focus will help you to concentrate on creating the optimal product.

Now, you must be wondering how much to start a supplement company. What is the cost of launching a product? Well, it depends on your budget. You can begin with a minimum budget of $ 5,000 and slowly scale from there. The main point is to start somewhere and not let finances hinder you. 

5. Funding Your Business 

Funding your business is difficult. But we have some options for you. You can either ask your family and friends to invest in your business and pay back once you start earning profit. 

Another option is to go for bank loans. Banks will give you a loan if you have a good credit history, but the main problem is the interest rates. Make sure you find a bank with low-interest rates and pay it back as soon as possible. 

6. Legal Entity For Your Business

The next step is to register your company.  The structure of a business is significant because it influences taxes, regulatory obligations, and revenue. The main business entities that are available in the market are:

i) Partnership

Identical to a sole proprietorship, except it is for a minimum of two people. Owners keep the earnings and bear the risk of losses.

ii) Sole proprietorship 

The most popular structure for small firms establishes no legal distinction between corporation and owner. The owner receives all profits and is personally liable for any loans and damages caused by the business.

iii) Corporate proprietorship

In this entity, many people are involved. The directors and investors are taken on board, and meetings are held every three months to see in which direction the company is going. It sure is a complex structure and needs an in-depth understanding.

iv) Limited liability company

It is a mixture of all entities and brings the most advantages to the table. However, the owner is not responsible for the debts in this case. This is why many people opt for it.

Mostly, people go for LLCs as they provide the most benefits and give you personal protection. If you are starting your company in a partnership, then go for a partnership entity. You will have to share the profit; otherwise, it also has some impressive benefits.

Coming to the location, most people will register their business in their home state, but if you intend to expand, you should seek elsewhere. Some states may provide significant benefits to supplement firms, so look into it.

You could truly maximize the company if you’re ready to relocate! Keep in mind that moving your business to another state is a reasonably simple process.

7. Find Your Manufacturer

It can be tough to find the correct manufacturer. Fortunately, you’ve arrived at the correct location. We have a few suggestions for you that you should bear in mind as you proceed down this road.

i) Certification And Reputation

Certifications and the capacity to adhere to import restrictions are two of the most significant characteristics to look for in a manufacturer. Look for basic certificates that prove the manufacturer’s reliability. You don’t want to waste your time on something that has no market worth.

ii) Minimum Order Requirement

Another factor to take into account when selecting a manufacturer is their minimum order requirement. The majority of producers expect a minimum of 1,000, but it is often more. Depending on the magnitude of the purchases you’ll be permitting, you’ll want to think about this thoroughly.  

iii) Lead Time

You ought to ask about lead times while selecting a manufacturer. Even if you believe that shorter lead times are preferable, you should not always choose the quickest choice.

Lead times that are exceptionally short may suggest that a manufacturer isn’t doing its job effectively. So be sure they have a good reputation and aren’t slacking.

iv) Types Of Supplement

You should also educate yourself on the numerous production alternatives for your supplements. First and foremost, ask what kinds of supplements they can make for you. Examine whether they can manufacture capsules, tablets, soft gels, or powders.

Depending on their capacities, manufacturers may only be able to produce one sort of supplement. So make sure you are on the same page, and if you want various options, then look for a manufacturer who can comply with them.

8. FDA Legalities

Before marketing your supplements, you should check with the FDA, which manages and supervises all dietary supplements. You must be completely familiar with the Code of Federal Regulations Part 111 (C.F.R. 111). This code governs the manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and storage of dietary supplements.

Even if you obtain your supplements from a contract producer, the supplement firm is responsible for this. So take this step seriously; otherwise, it can cause problems down the road. Make yourself familiar with the legalities. You can also hire a lawyer to make this process smooth, as they will tell you what you must do and should avoid.

9. Launch Your Brand

Launching your brand is not straightforward; you need to think through many things before entering the market. The first thing you need is a user-friendly website that lists your supplements and the benefits they provide. Make it attractive, and use your customer reviews to build trust and credibility. You can hire freelancers for this purpose.

The next step is to make social media pages and run targeted campaigns to attract customers. Social media is king, and you need it to stay relevant in the market. So, make a content strategy and stick to it. Social media marketing leads to high conversion rates, and you get more reach on these platforms.

Post on social media every day after you’ve built your brand. Also, as you grow your following, engage them by asking questions, creating polls, and sending them messages. 

10. Start Your Selling Journey

Now that you’ve completed all of the in-depth labor, you’re ready to sell! One of your primary concerns at this moment is money. Customers will pay for your stuff in what way? How will you be compensated? So many payment alternatives are available nowadays; you should take as many as feasible for your customer ease.

On the other hand, you can begin by offering discounts to users and engaging with them as much as possible. Ensure you get positive feedback from them so your business will thrive.

Pros and Cons of Supplement Company

There are certain advantages and disadvantages attached to starting a supplement company. So it is better to have a look at them beforehand instead of getting a shock down the road. 


  • The profit margin is high in this business. So you will be able to make a good amount of money.
  • The demand is high, so breaking into the market will be easy. Make sure you have a good formula.
  • You can work from home and sell these products online. There is no need to open a physical store.


  • You will have to go through tough procedures to get your licenses.
  • The competition is high. You need to sell unique products to make your way into the market.

Final Words

Launching your own supplement business can be difficult, but it is an attainable aim. With research and commitment, you may build a profitable supplement business and become the business owner you’ve always aspired to be. We have discussed how to start a supplement company in detail for your convenience. So, head over and achieve your dream with this guide. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does it cost to start a supplement company?

A: The startup expenditures for a supplement firm range from $7,500 to $15,000 or more. Because the manufacture of your initial products is the most expensive, you may choose to start with a limited amount to keep prices down. However, keep in mind that most manufacturers require a minimum order quantity.

Q: What are the ongoing expenses for this business?

A: A supplement business’s recurring expenses are modest. They often include the cost of ordering new products, promotional expenses, and the payment of insurance premiums, as well as staff compensation. So if you plan, you can have a lot of money.

Q: How much can you charge the customers?A: Supplements range in price from a few dollars to more than $100. The price of a supplement is often defined by the rarity of its ingredients and the benefits it provides. It also counts on the formula you’re promoting. So

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