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How to Start a Handyman Business (2024)

If you are here, you must want to turn your love and skills for repairing stuff into a fulfilling business. However, just knowing how to fix a broken cupboard or installing a shelf is not enough. You must know the proper steps on how to start a handyman business and we got you covered.

From the key benefits of starting a handyman business to essential skills needed and success stories from different handyman businesses, this guide contains everything you need. By following the mentioned steps, you will be able to be your boss and have your passion turned into a profession. So, let’s dive in!

5 Advantages of Launching a Handyman Business

There are several benefits of launching a handyman business, such as:

1. Diverse Skill Utilization

From fixing minor plumbing issues to fixing squeaky doors and installing any new appliances, a handyman business has such diverse skill utilization that you will find one thing you are extremely good at and excel at. Fortunately, you do not have to stick to one thing, and you can start a business with several services offered.

2. Flexible Work Schedule

We were not wrong when we said, “You can be your boss,” which means you can set your work hours according to your convenience; you might even do it as a side business and carry something else with it. It gets easier for you to entertain your commitments and say goodbye to the 9-5 schedule.

3. Good Demand for Services

There is almost always a tile broken, a paint job needed, or some window to be repaired. If you start a handyman business, you will always be in demand. It is easier to attract long-term requirements who can get your services from time to time.

4. Business Independence

It is the sort of business in which you can set your prices, create your schedule, and direct your business in whichever sort with lesser market intervention. For almost all your operations, you get to make the decisions and be your boss.

5. Higher Chances to Receive Referrals

This job is all about getting recommended through referrals. You can always attract more customers by having a good referral system and excellent services.

Analyzing Handyman Ventures

Here are a few of the Handyman businesses you can start a successful business with:

1. Carpentry Business

With the increasing number of homes and offices, the demand for the carpentry business has increased. To start this business, you must know how to create certain products such as cabinets, doors, tables, or chairs. You will also have the flexibility of providing customized and direct services without owning a workshop.

2. Electric Equipment Installation

It is the sort of business where staying up-to-date with every upcoming new appliance and how to install it will guarantee you a successful business. It often gets more and more complicated to deal with the parts and join them to install an appliance, but you can make it easier with your services.

3. House Moving Business

It is a hassle to move from one place to another, and most people do require help for that sort of work. With a house moving handyman business, you can have a big workforce with you with not more than just a truck or van to provide your services. You can operate it online, and it can be available in a short period for people who are looking for helpers when moving.

4. Plumbing Business

Plumbers are always in demand because of the nature of their work. There is always a need for a little fixing in the pipes, and this is why choosing a plumbing business would never give you a single no-work day. You just require your tools and need to move from one place to another according to the demand.

5. Welding Business

With the growth of construction activities, knowing how to start a handyman business in the USA of this sort will give you a huge number of long-term customers. Although, you would require a team to start this business. It is not something that you would want to do on a small scale in your business, so once you have a team of trained professionals, you are good to go.

These are not all but some of the examples you have of what to choose when starting a handyman business.

5 Essential Skills Required for a Handyman Entrepreneur

There is a certain set of skills that is necessary to have if you are starting a handyman business.

1. Good Communication Skills

You will require dealing with customers in person a lot since being a handyman businessman is all about providing your services in person. For that, you must possess good communication skills to deal with the clients and have them onboard for the long term.

By communicating, you and your client would be on the same page with each other’s expectations, and fewer or no mistakes will be made in the process of working.

2. Technical Skills

You do not need to be a jack of all trades, but you should be a master at one, and that is the technical skill a handyman possesses. Whatever niche you choose for yourself, you must excel at it and complete the customer task.

3. Customer Support Skills 

Customer service skills are really important in any business but especially in a handyman one. Make sure that you deliver what you are promising and have professional workers with a skill set to completely satisfy the customer’s needs. 

In the process of creating long-term clients, you must stick to the expectations you set for your customers.

4. Marketing Skills

You must know how to promote your business. Whether it is digitally or through handing out flyers, efficiency (while doing that) is the key. In digital marketing, an Instagram handle, a website, and an email will be very proficient.

If it is something you do not know how to do, you can always hire a digital marketer for the services. With successful marketing, your business is guaranteed to grow and become successful in no time.

5. Team Working Skills

Even though it can be a one-man job, businesses like welding or house moving can require a team. For that, you must know how to lead and keep everyone on the same page. A capable team can run a business smoothly like none other.

What’s beneficial to working with a team is that each member has a diverse skill set, and everyone has something to offer to make the business better.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start a Handyman Business

Now that we know the advantages, types, and skill sets needed for a handyman business, we can finally move to the final guide.

1. Decide Your Type of Service

The first step of starting a handyman business is deciding what type of service you will be providing. The chances of your success increase as you narrow down your niche of work to something that you particularly excel at the most. It is better to choose one perfect thing than everything that is mediocre.

But if you are sure you are a jack-of-all-trades, then go with multiple services, but make sure you have a basic idea of the tools and the investments you would need to make for it.

2. Craft a Solid Handyman Business Plan

The second step is to craft a solid handyman business plan. You need to be aware of your goals and what you will be doing to achieve them. For that, there are a few things to keep in mind:

i) Know your Target Audience and Competitors 

Knowing your target audience and competitors would mean knowing the homeowners in your area who are likely to need your services. When you research, you will have the basic idea of your target audience. 

You will also need to research other handyman businesses in the area who are providing the same services as you and then look into the areas they lack so that you can offer your services in a better way. If a certain area is too saturated, you might then target an area where there are fewer of these services available.

ii) Narrow Down Your Goals

Have a proper idea about the services you are going to provide. One that you will be providing daily and the goals you want to achieve by the end of the year such as a specific number of client satisfaction or generating a certain revenue.

iii) Have a Financial Plan

Your financial plan will include all the investments you will be making in the business. It will also include the amount you would spend on hiring, buying tools, and advertising and marketing costs for the business. On a long-term basis, it must have your financial goals of what you want to achieve by the end, be it monthly or yearly. 

iv) Select a Business name

Now that you have decided on your goals, it is time you choose an attractive name for your business. It is something that is going to represent your brand, so make sure it sounds professional and memorable.

3. Registering your Business and Obtaining the necessary Permits

Licenses and permits when starting a business usually depend on the area you are residing in. You will need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for tax reasons in your business; you might also require certain permits according to your government’s requirements.

4. Build a Strong Online Presence

Now that you have registered your business, it is time to market your business. One of the easiest ways to do that is by using digital marketing. You can create an app for your services, as well as a website, an Instagram and Facebook handle, and boost the ads to attract an audience.

The contemporary market is mostly based on digital marketing so it is important that from designed logos to catchy headlines to attract customers, everything is on point. You can always hire a marketer for such services.

5. Tools of The Trade

You need to have the proper skills and equipment to carry out the job. Make sure that whatever niche you have decided on, you have the basic and advanced tools of the service available at all times.

You might need vehicles for transport or a personal pickup truck, although if you have a small budget do not go overboard with it and start low.

6. Launch Your Business

You are now ready to enter the entrepreneurial world with your services. Dig in, deliver the best produce, and see your business thrive to success.

Ending Note

By the end of this comprehensive guide, we hope that you now know how to start a handyman business. From the advantages, types, and steps, we have made it easier for you to not overthink and turn your passion into your dream. Hopefully, your business will thrive and reach the height of success. Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does it cost to start a handyman business?

A: If you already have a vehicle and the necessary tools required, the startup cost is relatively low. It usually falls around $2000 to $6000 according to your needs and the services provided. However, it can always vary according to your availability of equipment.

Q: Are there any successful handyman businesses?

A: Yes. There are several well-known successful handyman businesses, some of which are Go Green Cleaning & Maintenance Services, Patriot Chimney, Fixer, Dundas Valley Pools, etc.

Q: What are the challenges faced when starting a handyman business?

A: Some of the most common challenges can be having a qualified staff, financial management, managing time effectively in terms of job completion, and maintaining customer satisfaction. All that is possible to counter with our effective advice in the guide.

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