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How to Dropship on Amazon Without Money (2024)

how to dropship on amazon without money

In the time of the Internet, people are surrounded by ample opportunities to start a business. Do you wish to build your empire and taste financial freedom? If your answer is positive, we will help you establish yourself. One such opportunity that has made people self-sufficient is Amazon drop shipping. We will tell you practical steps on how to dropship on Amazon without money.

Amazon is among the most prominent companies that have ruled the market for many years. It provides people the chance to open their stores and sell their services. But Amazon dropshipping is a little different concept. Of course, you will sell things, but how you approach things will differ significantly. It is a business opportunity with a lot of potential to grow and is easy to operate if you know the main steps.

Let’s move on to the article, and we will explain to you all the concepts and practical steps you need to know to start Amazon dropshipping. 

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a type of eCommerce business strategy in which the seller collaborates with an inventory warehouse facility. You are liable for marketing the goods you are selling as your own and for delivering the consumer’s purchase details straight to the producer or distributor. The goods are subsequently shipped straight to the purchaser by the maker.

Amazon has more than 2.4 billion monthly site visitors and more than 310 million expected users who are engaged. So Amazon dropshipping works extremely well. You can remove the time-consuming responsibilities of advertising and SEO by using Amazon. Amazon also has a devoted fan base of over 160 million Prime subscribers to impress. The statistics look amazing and encouraging.

Many people have started this business as a side hustle, and it has made them financially Independent. You must be wondering now, how do I start a dropshipping business on Amazon? Let’s discuss this further and clear your doubts.

Can You Start Dropshipping Business on Amazon Without Money?

Your business plans will determine the appropriate answer. Amazon does help you out if you have no money to start this business. Amazon offers two types of accounts to sellers:

  • Individual seller account 
  • Professional seller account 

The individual seller account charges $0.99 for each product that you sell. At the same time, the professional seller account has a subscription fee of $39.99. The main distinction between these accounts is the limit of the products you can list. The individual account only allows you to list 40 products.

You have to upgrade to a professional account if this is not the ideal choice for you. Both accounts are suitable for running a successful business. The choice is entirely yours. 

When it comes to a professional account, you also get the perk to access the in-depth report about your account. It can assist you in making a great conclusion for potential clients in the future.

Drop Shopping Rules Listed on Amazon

Before we start and move toward how to drop ship on Amazon without money, let us first discuss the rules you have to follow. There are some rules that one must observe when one joins any organization, and the same is the case here. Let’s take a quick look at them:

  • On the box, pay slips, invoice, packaging, and products, you should mention that you are the seller of this product. 
  • When products are returned, it is your responsibility to process them and keep track.
  • You should wade through the terms and conditions of the seller account listed by Amazon. In case you break any rule, you will not be able to sell any product on this platform and can get banned.

You should own the products you are selling and not mention the manufacturers. It can lead to big problems, and your account will be suspended. You should listen to the terms provided by Amazon if you want your business to run in a smooth manner. 

How to Start the Dropshipping Business?

Here are the practical steps you should follow to kickstart your business. Let’s guide you through these stages so that everything becomes easier for you.

1. Select Your Niche 

The first thing is to select the niche for your business. It is vital to select a niche that is profitable; otherwise, you can suffer losses in your business. You can search for the products manually, or if you have some budget, then hire a professional product hunter. You have to consider the reviews, the demand, and the competition the product has in the market. 

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when choosing your niche:

  • Go for a niche that has low competition and not many people are selling these products. In this manner, you will have a substantial chance to sell your products.
  • Select something that gives you the opportunity to be innovative and creative. People love diversity and are more likely to get interested in something they haven’t come across before. 
  • Bear in mind the wholesale cost and consider the profit you will earn. You do not want to be selling products that don’t benefit you.
  • Have some knowledge about the niche you are selecting. It would be effortless to sell products that you are passionate about.

It may seem challenging and overwhelming at first due to the large variety of niches available. Please don’t rush your decision and take the time to consider what will benefit you in the long run. It’s crucial to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before coming to a conclusion. 

2. Dropship Supplier 

Now that you have a niche and product that you will sell on Amazon. Let us move to the next step, which is the dropship supplier. You need to outsource the products from some vendor. You can get the products using the following ways:

  • Use platforms like AliExpress, Taobao, or any other supplier that you trust.
  • Hire an outsourcing agent to do the work for you 
  • Reach out to the suppliers directly using the Internet

Amazon is strict when it comes to order delivery. So sign a deal with those vendors that value your time and deliver the products timely. Select vendors who 

  • Provide the best wholesale prices 
  • Who can provide you with the tracking ID 
  • Offer products that are new and innovative 
  • Are honest and credible in the market 

3. Sign Up for the Account

We have already informed you about the two types of accounts available on Amazon. To begin selling on Amazon, visit their website and create a seller account. The account that you are going to choose depends on the objectives you have for your business. 

Let me remind you that a professional account will supply you with other options that you need to have a kickstart. Create an individual account if you don’t have money.

4. Start Listing Your Products 

When the buyer opens your account, they will see the pictures of your products to make their final decision. This representation is called product listing on Amazon. To succeed, you need appealing images of your products so buyers cannot resist.

The products have the following things listed:

  • The product description 
  • The price and tags 
  • Appealing picture and shipping details 

You have the option to list the articles separately or in bulk. If you have all the details about your products uploading in bulk seems the easiest option. 

5. Start Marketing 

Amazon is full of sellers, and many are selling the same product. You can imagine the competition on this platform. To conquer this dilemma, it is essential that you implement potent marketing tactics to advertise your merchandise. You can go for PPC advertising plans to make your business known to the masses. You can run your ads on Amazon in this way. The budget that you have for the advertising depends on you.

Try to utilize other platforms as well, like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. Drove audience from these platforms to your main business page. You can hire a marketing team to increase your sales by running targeted campaigns.

6. Product Sales 

After you have advertised your products, you need to wait for your first order. It will take patience, but you will get there. 

When someone buys from your shop, you need to send their information to the supplier so they can ship the product. 

There are tools available for arranging and extracting information, but they are not free. You will have to do this step manually if you have no investment. Another notion that you should keep in mind is that you have to process the orders that will return and give the information to the supplier as well. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon Dropshipping 

After discussing how to dropship on Amazon without money, we will have a look at the

pros and cons of Amazon drop shipping. 


  • Low start-up cost and high returns 
  • Fast and efficient 
  • Many apps are available for elite user experience 
  • Increased traffic and customers every day 
  • New updates regularly


  • High competition 
  • Strict rules and conditions 
  • Platforms keep evolving 

Final Words 

Amazon is the biggest platform to start your drop shipping business. You may need to invest some dollars to get yourself started, or you can take the plunge with an individual account. We have discussed in detail how to dropship on Amazon without money in the above section. Head over to that to clear any types of doubts that you have. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q: Is it challenging to run a drop shipping business online?

A: Now that we have told you about how to start dropshipping on Amazon without money, people are curious about this question. It depends on your expertise and how well you plan your business. People with high investments sometimes fail in this business because they think that investing tons of money will give them success in return. However, that is not the case. In the end, every business is tricky, but your talent and effort will make things easier.

Q: Is Amazon dropshipping profitable?

A: Yes, it is a profitable business if you know how to execute it. In order to establish a profitable business, it is essential to conduct comprehensive research and build a solid foundation. Select the products and vendors wisely. Understand the teams and conditions of Amazon to have a smooth business.

Q: Can I get banned from Amazon?A: There are specific rules laid out by this platform. If you are running a seller account, you have to keep them in mind. Otherwise, Amazon can take strict action and suspend or ban your account. Reversing these decisions take time, and in return, your business can suffer.

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