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How Much Do Barbers Make a Day in 2024

how much do barbers make a day

If you are into the barbering business, you may be curious to know how much do barbers make a day. Many people might wonder how much barbers earn. If you also want to know, let’s discuss it. These are common questions that often come to mind.

If a barber works 8 hours daily, he can earn approximately $128 to $160 a day. An excellent barber needs to have experience in hairstyling. A nasty, unprofessional hair styling service significantly influences a barber’s earnings.

The more professional a barber is, the more they can earn. Barbers can make as much as they want, but it also depends on many factors, including work quality, no. of clients, location, service offered, etc.

This article investigates the aspects impacting a barber’s income, tips to increase it, and the pros and cons of being a barber. 

How Much Money Do Barbers Make a Day?

On average, a barber has a par rate of $16 and $20 per hour. If he works 8 hours daily, he gets $128 to $160 daily. He can have more if he owns the shop. If the shop is owned by someone else, the barber may not retain a significant portion of the earnings.

In cities where clients frequent the barber shop for haircuts and hairstyling, barbers have better earning opportunities.

Factors Affecting Barber’s Income

You cannot earn the same amount your whole life. Ups and downs are a part of the business. Some factors influence the barber’s daily earnings. Let’s explore each factor one by one:

1. Barber’s Skill and Experience

Barber’s daily income highly depends on his skills, expertise, and experience. A skilled barber has more experience. He will provide professional service. So, he will charge more than the new barber in this industry.

Skill and experience can make or break a deal. Experienced people know how to deal with customers and satisfy them. 

2. Competition

Every business has competitors, and so does the barbering business. Imagine you’re a barber or want to become one. Your competitors can overtake your earning by offering appealing discount offers, modern haircuts, and a clean, hygienic environment.

Consequently, the customers will be divided as some can prefer your competitors’ service instead of yours. 

3. Shop’s Location

The barber’s shop location can impact his earnings. If the shop is in a crowded place that is teeming with people every time, the barber is likely to get more customers. So he can earn a handsome amount. However, if the shop is less populated, a few people will visit the shop. Therefore, he will generate less revenue.

You can also take it in another way. The barber’s income will be substantial if the shop is in a posh area where rich people live as they can spend more money.

The barber’s average daily pay ranges from $104 to $123 in California. In New York City, barbers earn between $106 and $136 a day.

4. Unforeseen Circumstances

Unpredictable situations can also impact a barber’s take-home pay. For example, during COVID, all businesses, including barber shops, were shut down.

Consequently, it was difficult for barbers to put the bread on the table because there was no income stream. But this uncertainty remains with every business. If you are afraid of such situations, you can put your hands on some other work and generate another income side by side. 

5. No. of Employees

If a barber hires employees for his shop, he must compensate them accordingly. Therefore, it will increase his expenses, decreasing his daily wage.

On the other hand, it can give you a flexible schedule. You can either have the money or the time. The choice is yours.

6. Client Base

The barber’s daily income relates directly to the number of his daily customers. A significant client base will provide good revenue to the barber.

Loyal customers will visit the shop regularly—similarly, the lesser the number of customers, the lesser the earnings. So, having a solid customer base is crucial. 

7. Reputation

If a barber has a good reputation in the neighborhood, there is a high probability that people will prefer his service over other barbers. This results in increasing the barber’s livelihood. 

8. Marketing

A barber’s bread and butter also depend on his marketing strategies to promote the business. If he promotes his business effectively, it will not only increase the number of customers but also helps in customer retention.

You can use social media platforms for this purpose. Hire a professional and run targeted ad campaigns to get customers. You can also print pamphlets and distribute them.

Another way of attracting customers is to give them attractive deals. Build a connection with them, and you will surely succeed in this business.

How Can Barbers Increase Their Income?

How can your business progress by leaps and bounds if you’re a barber? Don’t scratch your head and look for answers, as we have compiled a list of necessary steps to flourish your barbering business.

1. Improving Their Skills

You can earn a good income by improving your skills. You can learn new things that are trending in the market. Instead of providing a typical haircut, you can learn new haircuts and hairstyles. Upscaling can significantly increase your earning potential. 

2. Providing Quality Service

A good barber’s services heavily depend on how they serve their clients. When running any business, remember that quality matters the most. If you want to succeed in this business, you must provide the customers with the best quality services. In this way, they will return for more, and you will have more chances of success. 

3. Offering a Variety of Services

Delivering various services for a wide range of clients positively affects your revenue. Enhancing your skills and ensuring every service is available according to your client’s needs skyrockets earnings. Adapting to the latest trends will attract more clients to your doorstep.

4. Select the Right Location

Barbers in cities and well-developed areas have an advantage over rural ones. A good location can provide unlimited opportunities for you.

However, it can be challenging for barbers residing in rural areas to earn substantially because fewer people visit and request services. So, always do proper research while selecting your business location.

5. List Your Local Business

Listing your barbershop on web directories like Yelp, Google Business, and Bing can help you gain more customers. The idea is to have positive feedback from previous clients so that new consumers can easily schedule an appointment with you.

If they notice a lot of negative comments, they will be considerably less likely to consider you as a prospect.

6. Promotion

Business promotion helps to boost sales and brings customers. Craft a practical marketing strategy and see the magic. It will increase your awareness and reach. Hence, more customers will know about your business.

Once people learn about your business, there is a fine chance that they will visit your barber shop. Now, let your services speak volumes for you. You must turn first-time customers into regular customers.

What are the Pros and Cons of Being a Barber?

There are always some pros and cons associated with the jobs. You should consider the advantages and disadvantages of barbering before starting your business. Let us have a look at them. 


  • No Inventory Management

Barbers don’t need raw materials to store for their business. Hence there is no need for inventory management.

  • Minimal Tools

Barbers need minimal tools such as comb, scissors, blades, etc. Heavy machinery is not required in barbering.


  • Time-Taking Business

Barbers have to work all day long to rake in the dough. In the beginning, you will have to put in a lot of time and effort to make your business known.

  • No Relaxation

Barber doesn’t work like office-going people who sit in front of a computer and complete their tasks. Instead, they have to stand on their feet and do the job.

  • No incentives

Barbers don’t get incentives such as home, medical expenses, car, etc., because most are self-employed. 

Is It Worth It to Start a Barber Shop Business?

Some people like to work at a barber shop, while some want to own their own business. If you are truly passionate about this business and want to make a profit from it, it is an excellent opportunity for you. After all, passion is what gets things going.

There are many reasons people prefer it. This job offers flexibility; you can get some alone time if you have people working for you. Barbering is a fun, flexible, and gratifying occupation that can give a better work-life balance than traditional 9 to 5 jobs.

Barbering could be the ideal job for you if you want a good wage, plenty of work prospects, career security, and the opportunity to advance. 

Final Words

To conclude, your question, “How much do barbers make a day?” is thoroughly answered in this article. Barbers can earn approximately $16 to $20 per hour, and in a day, they can make around $120 to $160.

Introducing new grooming services, using client-grabbing techniques, applying the perfect marketing plan, and selecting the location best for your shop can do wonders for your business. If you have any queries, you can refer above and get your answers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can barbers make a lot of money?

A: Yes, a barber can make a lot of money if they upgrade their skills, properly promote the business, offer quality, give multiple services, and retain customers. The income depends on the factors mentioned above. It is up to you how to market yourself and make customers.

Q: How much do barbers make an hour?

A: The barbers make $16 to $20 on average an hour. However, the actual amount depends on the barber’s skills and the number of clients, location, tips, etc.  If you have a shop that is at a busy location, there is a high chance that you can earn more than that.

Q: How much does a barber make a week?A: On average, the barbers make $720 to $800 a week. However, the substantial amount depends on the barber’s mastery and the number of clients. This niche has a lot of potential if you know how to earn profit from it.

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