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How to Become a Web Content Developer in 2024? Core Skills Required

web content developer

Web content developer, without any doubt, is a potential role these days and is in high demand. Do you have a passion for writing and a creative business mind? Like to generate business for various brands through your attention-grabbing words? If yes, becoming a content developer will surely be a perfect career path for you.

Searching for the real potential this domain has? Concerned about the skills required to stand out in today’s market? This guide has got you covered. Let’s get a bit deeper into the discussion.

Core Responsibilities

Well, a content developer is also known as a content creator or content writer. A person who writes valuable content for various websites to engage their target audience and convert leads into sales is known as a content developer.

Content writing is not as simple as it seems. A content writer produces a variety of content for different brands keeping in mind what their businesses are about. As a website content developer, you can write landing pages to increase overall sales for different businesses. Similarly, creating content for the home page, about us page, and service pages are also core responsibilities of a web content writer.

If we talk about e-commerce brands, they list a huge assortment of products online to make the target audience familiar with their businesses. Every product carries unique features and a unique description at the same time. Writing the product descriptions is also the responsibility of a content writer.

How to Become a Web Content Developer in 2024?

Do you want to be a top-grade website content creator? Searching for the right path to becoming one? Below are the four important steps to follow.

1. Choose the Language

First, you must decide the language you want to produce content in. Once you choose the language, make sure you have good control over its grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure before you produce content. Doing this will help you create great content free from any mistakes or grammar issues.

2. Select the Niche

Shortlisting a particular niche to write in is necessary because you can’t write and excel in multiple niches in the beginning. For instance, if you are a tech enthusiast and have a passion for keeping yourself up-to-date, start with creating content for the tech industry. You will find it interesting and easy to produce because it best matches your interests.

3. Practice

Did you choose the language and niche to write in? Great! The next thing is to practice as much as you can because “practice makes a man perfect”. Developing a habit of doing more practice will help you create effective and forceful website content that really converts. Therefore, keep practicing more and more if you want to be a successful web content writer in 2022 and beyond.

4. Stay Connected to Mentors

As you know, human beings are not independent but always depend on each other for different tasks. So, staying in touch with experienced content developers is a good approach to give your writing career a solid boost. Mentors and senior writers share their personal experiences and mistakes they had made in the past. So, you get a golden opportunity to learn from their mistakes and experiences.

Top 10 Skills You Must Have as a Content Developer

Do you want to keep your head up in the content writing competition? Make sure you have the following skills.

1. Adaptability

Different projects come with different requirements, and as a website content creator, you must be familiar with multiple writing styles and tones. For instance, if you want to engage your target audience and are on a mission to convince them to make a decision, try producing content in a conversational tone. It will appear as if you are directly talking to them. Switching between different writing styles and tones is known as adaptability.

2. Understanding Target Audience

Producing content without knowing your target audience is of no value. It is like selling mobile phones in a clothing market where people are not interested in your products. Therefore, a website content writer must identify the target audience and their interests before creating any piece of content. As soon as writers understand the target audience of a particular business, it becomes super easy for them to produce valuable content keeping in mind the business needs and customers’ interests.

3. Strong Research

Research, without a doubt, is the key to success in the writing industry. Exploring competitors and other resources to get familiar with “what the business is about” helps you produce factually correct content, which is what clients mostly look for. If you want to be a credible website content writer in the near future, work on improving your research skills.

4. Excellent Grammar & Vocabulary

No matter how strong research skills you have, how adaptable you are, and how well you understand the target audience, sentence structure plays a crucial role in determining your credibility. Most content writers struggle with making the correct sentence structure because of inappropriate grammar and limited vocabulary. To become a top-grade website content developer, don’t forget to enhance your grammar and keep adding new words to your vocabulary on a daily basis.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Your content is of no value until it ranks high on Google and people see what you have produced. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. SEO is linked to finding specific phrases people mostly search for on Google or other platforms. These phrases are known as keywords. When finding potential keywords, a writer has to keep both competition and monthly search volume in mind.

If you are producing content for a newly launched website, pick keywords with low competition and high search volume. Doing this will help you rank your content in a short time on Google. Once you find the potential keywords, incorporate them in the title, headers, and throughout content. Always avoid making overuse of the keywords, which is called keyword stuffing.

6. Editing / Proofreading

You must have outstanding editing and proofreading skills as a website content developer. The reason behind this is that clients can ask you to repurpose their existing web content to make it SEO-friendly and valuable for the readers. Apart from that, even if you have produced the whole web content, you must proofread and edit it in the end to ensure it is well-crafted, error-free, and meets the ranking standards. No one can become a great website content creator without solid proofreading and editing skills.

7. Time Management

Time management is another key skill you need to become a good writer. If you are highly adaptable, understand the target audience, conduct strong research, and produce grammatically correct SEO-optimized website content but can’t deliver it within the given time frame, you can never be a dependable content writer. Deadlines are always very important, and you can’t miss them at any cost. Otherwise, you will expose your writing career to huge damage. With a content management system, you can write and manage content efficiently because it helps you manage time effectively.

8. Problem Solving

Brands hire content developers because they can’t identify the issues they face with the content. A skilled content writer does not only put content in place but also knows how to find issues with the existing content. As soon as the issues are highlighted, a content developer can fix them all in no time. Therefore, improve your problem-solving skills to excel in the content writing industry.

9. Adding Value to Readers’ Life

It means producing content that people love to read. You can only create valuable content if you are well familiar with your readers’ interests. For example, if you are targeting the tech community of your society and write for tech-related news and updates, they would love to read through every piece of content you produce for them. Creating random content will be worthless if you are not adding value to the readers’ lives.

10. Superb Communication

Good research, editing, proofreading, and writing skills are great, but these skills will not give you any projects until you communicate effectively with clients. you must have excellent communication skills to set yourself apart from traditional content creators out there. In fact, good communication is the key to bringing in more business and generating decent revenues in the end.

5 Types of Effective Content Your Website Needs

Want to make your clients’ websites successful? Start creating the below-listed types of content.

1. Landing Pages

A landing page is where your visitors or customers land. It is specifically designed for marketing purposes, and a web content writer puts the soul into it through engaging, appealing, and convincing words. Mostly, the landing pages are written in a way that you are communicating directly with your customers and clearly understand their concerns. This is why these pages have proved to be a great source to generate crazy sales for millions of businesses worldwide.

2. Blog Posts

Creating blog posts is the most effective way to keep your audience up-to-date and engaged. They are a great tool to spread your brand awareness and let customers know what your business is about. Another potential benefit of creating regular blog posts is that they not only maintain your current Google ranking but also help you rank even higher. If you produce regular posts on a particular niche, you become a trustworthy and reliable authority in that specific niche.

3. Testimonials

You can’t take this type of content for granted because it speaks for your business. Testimonials are feedback your previous customers share. Sharing testimonials on your official website makes it very easy for other people to trust your business. It is like mouth publicity that often produces fruitful results.

4. Visual Content

A couple of recent research surveys have shown that people are more attracted to visuals than text. Therefore, if you want to stand out in the market, keep producing visual content to get higher engagement from the customer community. you must suggest your clients produce visuals.

5. Audio & Video Content

Both audio and video content has proved to be engaging for people looking to hire services for a specific business. According to recent research, 83% of digital marketers claim that videos always help them generate more leads, and more than 70% of customers get familiar with a product through its video promotion. Another research declared video a king when it comes to improving a brand’s online presence and increasing its sales.

How Much Can a Web Content Developer Make?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary of a content developer was $69,510 in May 2021, which equals $33.42 per hour. This site predicts a 4% job growth in the writing industry between 2021 and 2031.

Whereas, Zippia says that the average content writer salary, as of August 2022, is $58,918 per year. It is equal to earning $28.33 per hour, as shown below.

How Much Can a Web Content Developer Make

Final Words

Are you searching for what is a web content developer? Don’t exactly know what these professionals do and how much they earn? The above discussion has got you covered. Give it a read, and you will get answers to the queries you are looking for.

Keep checking back for more similar blog posts. We have much more to share with you. Subscribe to KodersHive, and don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a Content Management System (CMS) help web content writers?

A: Well, a content management system is a tool designed to help writers create and manage website content effectively.

Q: Is website content creation a good career option?

A: Yes, of course. Every business needs the services of a content creator. As a writer, you can earn a handsome amount sitting from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

Q: Which degree is required?

A: This field doesn’t ask you to earn any specific degree. According to Zippia, around 77% of content writers earn an undergraduate degree, whereas only 12% hold a master’s degree.

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