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Full Stack Web Developer Salary Texas: The Real Earning Potential

web developer salary Texas

Website development is one of the most famous careers worldwide due to its increasing demand. Certain factors play a crucial role when assessing a career path’s credibility. They include pay scale, employment opportunities, career outlook, employment benefits, and a few others. The same is the case with the web development domain.

Web development has different sub-domains, and full-stack development is one of them. This particular career path has become a source of attraction for millions of college graduates from across the world.

Do you want to adopt the same career? Concerned about the earning potential? Don’t know the full stack web developer salary Texas? This article has got you covered. Let’s get into the specifics.

How Much Can a Full Stack Web Developer Make in Texas?

According to www.indeed.com, the average full stack web developer salary in Texas is $98,466 per year, which equals $6,972 per month, $1,802 per week, and $42.17 per hour. The average annual income varies between $67,460 and $143,722. The salary may vary depending on the experience, company standards, and job location. The income of website developers working in different cities in Texas can be different from each other.

web developer salary in Texas

According to the research analysis of Zip Recruiter, the average full stack salary Texas is $89,454 per year, as of September 2022. It equals $7,454 per month, $1,720 per week, and approximately $43 per hour. The overall salary range starts from $45,979 a year and goes up to $150,949 per year.

full stack web developer salary in Texas

4 Factors Affecting the Salaries of Full Stack Web Developers in Texas

College graduates and entry-level developers often wonder why there is a difference between the salaries of different developers. A few factors directly affect the pay scale of full-stack web developers working in Texas or anywhere else in the world. Let’s have a closer look at them.

1. Academic Qualification

It is a fact that you don’t need an academic degree to become a full-stack website developer. But reputable software companies or IT organizations always prefer developers with the relevant degree in hand. Therefore, if you want to be part of big names, it becomes necessary to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in website development. Doing this will open the doors for you to serve giant IT setups. Developers with a degree can earn more in a company than those having a diploma or certificate.

2. Practical Experience

Have you completed your undergraduate degree in web development? Great! Looking to start your career? This is the time to search for internship opportunities or entry-level jobs to get hands-on experience with full-stack development. You can find some mentorship programs for the same purpose as well. As soon as you get some professional experience by working under the supervision of highly experienced developers, the chances for you to enhance your career increase greatly. The more experience you have, the more you will earn.

3. Skillset

Having a degree and practical experience is good, but you must always focus on improving your development abilities. Many developers struggle throughout their careers because they don’t polish their existing skills according to the latest market demands. A simple way to give your practical skills a solid boost is to keep practicing more and more, keeping in mind the industry demands. To become a great full-stack developer, get in touch with senior professionals and try to gather as much knowledge as you can. The developers who explore the latest trends and keep practicing always have a diverse skill set, and they usually earn more than those relying on the existing skills only.

4. Professional Certifications

This is something that sets you apart from the traditional full-stack web developers. The certifications are designed to not only polish your existing skills but also allow you to learn and earn more. The certified developers mostly get promoted to leading positions where they manage the whole team and ensure higher productivity. Earning a certification with an academic degree, good experience, and a decent skillset can take your full-stack web development career to new heights.

Full Stack Developers’ Salary in Top Cities in Texas

Below is a list of salary structures of full-stack developers working in different parts of the great state of Texas.

1. Frankston

The average salary of full stack developers working in different companies in Frankston is $139,570 per year, which becomes $67.10 per hour, $2,684 per week, and $11,630 per month. These stats are taken from the analysis of Zip Recruiter.

2. Fort Worth

According to Zip Recruiter, the annual salary of full-stack developers working in this city is $110,984, which equals $9,249 per month, $2,134 per week, and $53.36 per hour. As per the indeed.com analysis based on 188 salaries, full-stack developers can make $94,456 a year in Fort Worth.

3. Arlington

This city offers an hourly wage of $53.28 to full-stack web developers, according to Zip Recruiter. It equals $110,830 per year, $9,235 per month, and $2,131 per week. Remember, it is an average salary. The actual income may vary from one organization to another.

4. Dallas

The annual salary of full stack developers in Dallas is $109,695 or $52.74 per hour, according to Zip Recruiter. The weekly and monthly salary is $2,109 and $9,141, respectively. In contrast, indeed.com says that full-stack developers can earn an average of $99,879 per year. This calculation is based on 680 salaries.

5. Oyster Creek

Zip Recruiter says that full-stack web developers working in Oyster Creek make an average annual income of $109,429, which equals $52.61 per hour, $2,104 per week, and $9,119 per month.

6. Lexington

This famous town offers handsome salary packages to full-stack developers working full-time for different software companies, which are $108,929 per year, $9,077 per month, $2,094 per week, and $52.37 per hour.

7. Austin

As per the Zip Recruiter’s analysis, Austin offers $108,249 per year to full-stack developers. It is equal to earning $52.04 per hour, $2,081 per week, and $9,020 per month. Indeed.com says that these developers can make $118,261 per year (based on 297 salaries) in Austin.

8. Brownsboro

This city is also considered one of the highest-paying cities in Texas when it comes to full-stack website development jobs. The average annual salary of full stack developers is $108,230 or $52.03 per hour, $2,081 per week, and $9,019 per month.

9. Bevil Oaks

According to Zip Recruiter, the average hourly wage for full-stack developers working in Bevil Oaks is $50.87. It is equal to earning $2,034 per week, $8,817 per month, and $105,813 per year.

10. Emerald Bay

This is a reputed district located in the great state of Texas. It offers an annual full-stack web developer salary of $105,181, according to Zip Recruiter. The hourly, weekly, and monthly wages are $50.57, $2,022, and $8,765, respectively.

How to Become a Credible Full Stack Developer in 2024?

If you want to become a good full-stack web developer, just follow the below-listed steps.

Step 1: Earn a Degree

Earning a degree is not necessary to become a full-stack developer, but academic qualification sets you apart from traditional developers. The entry-level full stack developer salary Texas is higher for degree holders than those with diplomas or short courses.

Step 2: Get Hands-On Experience

Getting professional experience by working on different projects under the supervision of mentors and experienced developers enhances your practical exposure greatly. This is why the web developer salary in Texas is higher for experienced individuals than for those who have just started their careers.

Step 3: Earn Professional Certificates

These certificates are specifically introduced to polish your technical skills as well as to add more abilities to your skill set. Certified web developers are considered more trustworthy, which is why the salary Texas is usually high for certified professionals.

The Average Web Developer Salary Texas

According to indeed.com, the average salary Texas is $84,556 (as of September 2022), which equals $34.29 per hour, $1,547 per week, and $5,987 per month. The annual salary varies between $56,790 and $125,898 depending on the developers’ experiences, skillsets, academic qualifications, and professional certifications.

Average Web Developer Salary Texas

The developers with less than one year of experience can make $76,001 per year. In contrast, the average web developer salary Texas for professionals with one to two years of experience is $74,564 per year. Similarly, the average annual wage of full stack web developers with six to nine years of experience is $98,685, whereas the ones with more than a decade of practical exposure to the market can easily make an average of $107,508 per year.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as of May 2021, the state of Texas was the 3rd highest paying state for website developers, with 5,610 employment opportunities and an annual mean wage of $77,880. It equals a mean hourly wage of $37.44.


The average salary Texas is $98,466 per year or $42.17 per hour. It slightly varies depending on the location or company you work in. For example, if you work as a full-stack web developer in Dallas, your salary may differ from your friend working in Austin for the same role.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it good to become a full-stack web developer in 2024?

A: Yes, it is absolutely worth becoming a full-stack developer in 2024 because of the increasing demand for this particular skill. Apart from that, it offers promising careers, handsome salaries, and good job growth.

Q: What are the top benefits of full-stack developers in Texas?

A: Well, the benefits and facilities may vary from one city to another or between different companies. But, there are a few common benefits, including but not limited to work from home facility, retirement plan, health insurance, parental leaves, paid yearly leaves, employee discount, visa sponsorship, and the list goes on.

Q: How to know if a company is paying a fair full stack web developer salary Texas?

A: Well, if you are concerned about whether or not your company is paying a fair salary, just compare it with the national average salary. If both are close to each other, it means you are getting paid fairly.

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